ARod's New Mystery Woman Has Been Identified

Bikini fitness competitor Kathryne Padgett has been identified as the mystery blonde that seemed to be enjoying some quality time with Alex Rodriguez at Lambeau Field Saturday night during the 49ers-Packers game.

The party, according to Padgett's Instagram Story account, rolled on Sunday as ARod's private jet headed from Green Bay to Minnesota where the basketball owner and his bikini fitness friend watched some hoops.

Padgett is the latest in a line of women ARod has enjoyed quality time with over the years and the second woman to be seen publicly with the baseball legend since his relationship with Jennifer Lopez dissolved.

Last summer, ARod spent time with NFL sideline reporter Melanie Collins on a yacht with his other friends, Jessie James Decker and Eric Decker. Collins was described as a "friend" and the two went their own ways as the football season started and Collins became busy with work.

Now it's Padgett time. ARod, who used to date former WWE wrestler Torrie Wilson, is notorious for having an infatuation with the fitness competitors of the world. Padgett fits the bill, that's for sure. In 2021, she competed at the NPC Branch Warren Classic and was described by fitness competition insiders as being "One of the most exciting athletes you'll ever see."

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