Armando Salguero: NFL QB Talk: Tannehill, Murray, Hurts, Burrow, Mayfield, Dalton

Practically every NFL starting quarterback playing the following weekend speaks to reporters on Wednesday, and every week OutKick is going to monitor their press conferences and pick the best stuff for you.

This week's QB Talk:

Jalen Hurts (Eagles): The City of Brotherly love is lit because the Eagles won their opener and host San Francisco at home Sunday. The town is also excited about its quarterback, whose jersey sales have shot up 500 percent since Sunday.

"I think it's all love, you know?" Hurts said. "I want to give them a reason to continue to wear it."

Hurts gave them a reason by throwing three TD passes and completing 77.1 percent of his passes -- the second-best completion percentage among NFC quarterbacks -- in a victory over Atlanta.

But success against the Falcons, who are rebuilding, does not automatically suggest success against San Francisco. So Hurts isn't thinking about his stats last week or going forward.

"The biggest stat I look at at the end of the game," Hurts said, "is if we won or lost."

Ryan Tannehill (Tennessee Titans): This is weird because the Titans got rolled by the Arizona Cardinals, 38-13, and if the score looks bad, consider that Tannehill isn't sure whether there was enough effort and passion from his team.

"I don’t know, it is tough to say," Tannehill said. "We kind of got hit in the mouth early and didn’t get the start that we wanted. We didn’t respond well. It took us four drives before we moved the ball; that is unacceptable.

"We have to be able to respond quickly. There are going to be games where you don’t get the start you wanted, you go three-and-out. So what? You have to be able to reset and come out the next drive swinging and make a play. That will be a challenge for us moving forward, if things don’t go perfectly.

"If things don’t go well early or at some point in the game, OK, go to the sideline, make the adjustments, and come out swinging the next drive."

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Andy Dalton (Bears): He's the bridge to Justin Fields and everyone knows it. But, interestingly, he's also sharing the job because Fields got five snaps last week, including snaps in the red zone, in a loss to the Rams.

The interesting thing is it's not all scripted. Dalton has to actually wait for the play call in his helmet sometimes to make sure he's the quarterback on the next play.

"We had obviously plays for him last week," Dalton said. "There's times you know he's coming in. And other times you're waiting for the next play and calls it. But I didn't think it affected my rhythm at all. I was able to hop right back in there and continue out there."


Joe Burrow (Bengals): It's all about getting him and keeping him healthy, and for the first time since he tore an ACL last November, Burrow was hit in a regular season game by the Minnesota Vikings.

So how you feeling, Joey?

"My knee was pretty sore right after the game, but I feel better than I have all camp right now," Burrow said, "so that's a good sign."

Burrow was sacked five times. But he isn't looking at his offensive line sideways

"Offensive line played great," Burrow said. "We ran the ball really efficiently, they were really good in pass protection. The breakdowns in pass protection were not the offensive line's fault. It was elsewhere. It was very encouraging the way they played."

Kyler Murray (Cardinals): This is Year 3 for Murray and if the Cardinals offense didn't belong to him before, he's definitely taking ownership now.

“They drafted me for a reason. As far as this being year three, how I was just saying about the progression of checking stuff, ownership of the offense, all that stuff that takes time," Murray said. "When they drafted me, I knew what it was, I knew the direction we were going.

"As far as us getting to the top of the mountain being as good as we can be, I'll say we're on the way to that. I feel like we're very capable of that. The potential is there. We’ve just got to go out there and do it. But as far as ownership and taking the reins, that was from the jump.”

Baker Mayfield (Browns): After the Browns blew a nine-point lead in the fourth quarter against the Kansas City Chiefs, Mayfield talked to his offense about how they should feel about the loss.

"You know, I think there's a fine line of beating yourself up about it and then realizing there's 16 more," Mayfield said. "I think we should beat ourselves up about it because we feel like we should have won that game. But there is 16 more.

"So it's the mentality of, 'Hey, we got to go next week and do our job but this one should sting.' This one should sting and we need to learn from it because we had that game and we need to close it out.

"I think there's a fine line of walking that," Mayfield added. "That was my message to them is, 'Guys, you know what, we're going to be really good if we just do our job and continue to be efficient and move the chains and help our defense by staying on the field. But this one needs to sting. And you need to remember all the little things matter and that's how we need to approach this week of practice.'"

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