Antonio Brown Punches Titans Player During Joint Practice

Looks like the fighting spirit never left the Super Bowl-winning Tampa Bay Buccaneers. And by fighting spirit we are solely referring to receiver Antonio Brown.

On Thursday, the volatile wideout was kicked out of joint practice with the Tennessee Titans after getting into a heated exchange with opposing cornerback Chris Jackson.

Brown was photographed ripping off Jackson's helmet in the middle of the scuffle as the two exchanged words before the Tampa Bay Southpaw swung at the DB. A closed-fist punch landed cleanly on Jackson's face, per the released images. Brown was relieved from the practice session, then permitted to return once fumes settled.

OutKick 360's Paul Kuharsky was present at the scene and confirmed that AB was the instigator in the feud. Both teams swarmed in at the sight of the altercation and had to intervene between the two players. Paul also warned that going into today's practice, the Titans were keen on playing physical and tough football during the joint session.

Buccaneers head coach Bruce Arians commented on Thursday's scuffle and tried to casually downplay the activity from his veteran receiver.

Despite having a fairly quiet season off the field in 2020, trouble appears to still follow Antonio Brown. Not since dropkicking Spencer Lanning has Brown dealt this much damage to an opposing team's player.

With fans, and the league, now closely monitoring AB based on his previous run-ins with suspension(s) and legal trouble, they can only hope that the talented receiver displays the proper temperament to remain in the NFL for 2021-2022 and beyond.

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