Another Former NFL Player Making Move To HS Coaching

What better way to create a legacy out of an NFL career than by coaching high school football and guiding the next generation of players.

The list of NFL-to-high school coaching moves post-career includes notable, all-time NFL talent like Deion Sanders, Kurt Warner, Kevin Mathis, and others.

Joining the list is the newly appointed head coach for Monte Vista High School, Super Bowl champ C.J. Anderson.

The 30-year-old retired running back announced on social media that his next endeavor in football will be taking on the head coaching job in Danville, California. Because of Anderson's strong desire to address the mental aspect of the game at a young age, his outlook appears bright to rejoin the NFL on the sidelines one day.

The former Broncos running back already has a career etched in the NFL history books. He was a key part of the 2015 Broncos offense that eventually won Super Bowl 50.

As Denver tried balancing the expectations of a declining Peyton Manning over then-backup Brock Osweiler — who was outperforming Manning — Anderson provided consistent yards on the ground to keep the offense from sputtering as it resolved its QB crisis.

It's evident that C.J. Anderson's still got the winning mentality even after announcing his retirement in September 2020.

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