Andrew Luck Stays Reclusive, 'No Second-Guessing' Retirement Decision

Andrew Luck is happy and healthy, according to Colts reporter Zak Keefer of The Athletic. Captain Neckbeard celebrated his one-year retirement anniversary this week and Keefer says he's told Luck "is doing really well" and still living in Indianapolis.

Remember a year ago when the Colts were left in a pinch when Luck being booed off the turf at Lucas Oil Stadium and then holding a retirement press conference where he told the press he was done with rehabbing injuries only to be injured again. He talked that day about how the injuries had taken the joy away. He was done at 29.

Keefer says there's been no second-guessing and Andrew's father, Oliver, said in January that his son had no desire to return. The guy is officially just another dad living the dad life in Indianapolis where he was last sighted giving coronavirus advice back in March.

It shouldn't come as a surprise Luck has all but disappeared from his public life, something he clearly didn't enjoy in the first place. The bigger surprise is that we haven't seen a photo pop up time to time of him at Lowes or doing dad things at Costco.

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