Andrew Luck Has Likely 'Moved On' From NFL

Sorry, Colts fans. It's all but confirmed that your Luck has officially run out. Though many of you still want to see former quarterback Andrew Luck under center in Indy once again, the 32-year-old ex-signal caller is content in retirement.

“He knows himself, he’s comfortable with himself," Stanford coach David Shaw said of Luck during an appearance on the Rich Eisen Show. "The rest of us would love to see him go out there and sling it around, but his career is too short, obviously, but it was an amazing experience for him and now he’s moved on."

The former Colt shocked the sports world when he retired during the 2019 preseason at age 29. Since walking away, Colts fans have fantasized about a rested and rejuvenated Luck returning to lead their team to the Promised Land -- or at least into serious contention. But that door is all but shut.

“Andrew Luck is doing better than all of us combined,” Shaw, who coached Luck in college, told Eisen. "...He’s a husband and a father, and looking for that next chapter in his life.”

But what about Indianapolis? Did Luck forget about St. Elmo's and their famous shrimp cocktail? Is he just going to act like the Indy 500 isn't a thing? Has anyone let him know Quenton Nelson's anchoring the Indianapolis offensive line? Plus, there's always the Pacers...

Ehh, scratch that last one.

Regardless of what Indy may or may not have to offer, Shaw doesn't see shrimp cocktail or a return to Indy football in Luck's future. “I think, when he does dive into his next enterprise, it’ll be something that benefits people,” Shaw said to Eisen. “So that’s all I’m comfortable saying right now. I think he’s a very conscientious person, and I think he still, beyond football, wants to make an impact in our society.”

Sorry, Indy. Better Luck next time.

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