Amazon Turning Attention To Kirk Herbstreit For NFL Broadcasts

No Troy Aikman, no John Lynch, no Sean McVay, not even for $100 million. So now Amazon may be turning to Kirk Herbstreit for its upcoming Thursday Night Football bradcasts.

Herbstreit, of course, is famous for his work on ESPN's College Gameday. But Amazon, of course, is seeking an analyst for NFL telecasts.

Per Andrew Marchand of the New York Post, that analyst is believed to be Herbstreit. So it appears Amazon doesn't necessarily want a proven NFL analyst as much as it does a football man with a big name.

"While Herbstreit is under contract with ESPN for around $6-plus million per year, sources have told The Post that the way his deal is written he would be allowed to do the NFL with another entity, while continuing on college for ESPN," Marchand wrote.

In other words, Herbstreit would be able to do both jobs -- Thursday Night Football, while continuing on College Game Day. But that's two different levels of football knowledge to keep inside one head. Then again, this is Herbstreit we're talking about.

Anyway, in terms of play-by-play men, Al Michaels appears to have the inside track on the Amazon gig. But as Marchand noted, Michaels intends to wait and see who is hired as an analyst and potential partner.

Herbstreit would suit Michaels just fine, Marchand reported.

"While Lee Corso might be the scene-stealing presence of College GameDay, Herbstreit is the backbone of the show. Not to mention his opinion matters in the world of college football, for better or worse. So ESPN will need to think about whether or not they’d be willing to let him walk to Amazon instead of appeasing his interest in the NFL," wrote Sean Keeley of Awful Announcing.