Always A Believer, Tim Tebow Thinks Jags Are Headed In The Right Direction

If you're looking for someone in the know to poo-poo the Jaguars' brutal start, you'd better look to someone other than Tim Tebow. The patron saint of Florida would never openly admit a team stinks, even the pungent Jags. “I just think that they have to stay the course," says the overly optimistic Tebow.

Tebow, who was sent packing by the Jaguars in August, spoke about the team's winless start during an appearance on the AP Pro Football Podcast: “I just think that they have to stay the course and continue to work to improve. I think there’s a lot of talent there and they just have to continue to try to get better."

From there, the former quarterback/left fielder/preacher/tight end discussed Jacksonville's signal caller, top-pick Trevor Lawrence: "And every week, I think Trevor’s got so much talent and ability, and I think he’s a great young man, and I think he’s going to be just fine.”

Through two weeks, Lawrence has produced a very Tebow-like stat line, completing 50% of his passes for 450 yards and more picks than tuddies.

What? You thought Lord Tebow was going to rip the rookie?

Still, Tebow has no regrets about the short time he spent working with Lawrence and the rest of the Jaguars: “It was a lot of fun, a blessing to have the chance to do it and go pursue that and really enjoyed all of it. ... Enjoying the competition, the grind, the highs, the lows of all of it. When you can look at everything as an opportunity to improve, to grow, that it molds you, I think you’re always trying to figure out things even in the good, the bad, how you can get better from it, how you can use it, how God can use it in your own life and continue to grow and improve.”

It'll be interesting to see how God can use this dumpster fire of an NFL team over the next 15 weeks. As they say, the Lord works in mysterious ways...