Allen Robinson, Bears At A Standstill On Contract Negotiations After WR Unfollowed Team

Allen Robinson and the Chicago Bears aren't any closer to a new deal even as Robinson's targets and stats shot up during Week 3 when the star receiver caught 10 balls for 123 yards and a touchdown. The contract situation heated up when Robinson unfollowed the team on social media, but the talks after that bold move didn't go anywhere, according to Jason La Canfora.

The Bears are in a weird position. They're 3-0, made a quarterback change in Week 3 and their star wide receiver isn't happy with management who won't give him a huge new deal.

It's unclear what the Bears plan is here since Robinson's track record (he had a 1,400 yard season in Jacksonville and 1,147 yards in 2019) says he's a receiving machine.

As La Canfora notes, the price goes up with each big week and the closer Robinson gets to the free agency finish line. Top money at the wide receiver position is now into the $20 million range. Robinson clearly thinks he deserves this type of money. Now it comes down to if the Bears are willing to pull the trigger.

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