Adam Schefter Must Not Have Watched Cam Newton This Season, Based On His Insane Contract Projection

Adam Schefter was asked on The Greg Hill Show what a Cam Newton contract might look like after this year. His response showed he hasn't watched much Patriots football recently.

"I am going to guess, two years with incentives, $40-50 million."

Adam, what...

Here's the full comment for context.

Let's put this exchange in datings terms.

Have you ever told your ex-partner that you "enjoyed the relationship" but that you "expect to head in different directions," and then gotten back together?

No, you haven't. Which suggests that Cam Newton will not be returning to New England, and the Pats shouldn't want him back, either.

Now let's address Schefter's $40-50 million guesstimate.

Cam Newton has never in his life, outside of his 2015 MVP season, been a $25 million/year player. Maybe walking down the runway dressed in suede in NYC, but not on the gridiron. In recent years, Newton has been a shell of his former self, and most of his failures stem from deteriorating health. That may not be his fault, but it's a reality.

If Adam Schefter had been watching the Patriots more closely, he would know that New England's receiving corps stinks. That said, Cam Newton hasn't exactly hit receivers in stride when they do get open. He has stunk up the field, too.

Cam Newton is likely to sign another "prove it" deal, and more importantly, he'll be a backup. There is no backup in the league worth that type of money. Schefty, whatever you're smoking...pass it along.