Aaron Rodgers Spotted In Ohio At A Youth Basketball Game

Aaron Rodgers left Cleveland Browns fans in a frenzy this weekend when he was spotted at a Columbus, Ohio youth basketball game, which led to maniacs thinking there was some sort of connection to Rodgers and the Browns.

It turns out Rodgers was in the stands with A.J. Hawk's wife while his old teammate coached a girls' team, according to eyewitnesses who were in the Olentangy district gymnasium with the Packers legend, who was masked up for the mask police out there.

Does the weekend visit to Columbus come with a trip north up I-71 to Cleveland to meet with Browns team executives, or do the executives come to Columbus for a secret meeting at Hawk's house?

Go crazy, Browns fans. Let the rumors fly!

As for the Packers, CEO Mark Murphy addressed the major question of the offseason for his franchise in a question and answer session that was posted to Packers.com.

“We are significantly over the salary cap for next year, and will have to make many difficult decisions in order to get under the cap. A key factor will be whether Aaron Rodgers comes back for the 2022 season,” Murphy wrote on Packers.com.

“, [General manager Brian Gutekunst], executive vice president/director of football operations Russ Ball and I are all in agreement that we want Aaron to come back. He is likely to win his fourth league MVP, is the unquestioned leader of our team and is still playing at a high level at 38.

“Although we will face many challenges this offseason, I have tremendous confidence in Matt, Brian and Russ. I don’t think anyone in the league knows the rules regarding the salary cap better than Russ. He will be our most valuable employee this offseason.”

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