Aaron Rodgers Reveals Timetable For Making Career Decision; Plus What He's Hearing About Other Teams

Aaron Rodgers is going to wait until after the Super Bowl to decide whether he'll continue to play or retire.

The quarterback said as much on his weekly appearance on the Pat McAfee Show and added that despite that timetable, it "sounds like" the Packers are already discussing his possible trade to other teams.

"It's going to be a little bit more time for my decision," Rodgers said. "I feel confident that in a couple of weeks I'll feel more strongly about one of the two decisions."

The two decisions Rodgers is weighing are:

Retire after an 18-year career, all of them with the Packers. Or ...

Continue to play, either with the Packers or perhaps another team.

Rodgers Heard There Are Trade Conversations

"You can't make a decision until after the Super Bowl at the earliest because there's still football going on," Rodgers said. "... It's not about me, it's about the Chiefs and the Eagles and the great season that they've had and you have to respect that."

But after that game Rodgers will announce his intentions to the Packers and eventually everyone else.

Rodgers has seen reports that the Packers may wish to trade him and hand the reins of the offense to Jordan Love. Teams such as the New York Jets, Tennessee Titans, Miami Dolphins, Indianapolis Colts and others have been mentioned as possible Rodgers landing spots if he's traded.

"It sounds like there's conversations already going on that aren't involving me, which is interesting," Rodgers said. "Obviously, I've been insulated to a lot of that ... I'm not a part of those conversations right now.

"I make up my mind one way or another and you guys, the Packers, not in that order and everybody else will know at some point."

Rodgers did not engage in hypothetical talk about what team he'd like to play for, but it seems quite likely that if he decides he wants to keep playing, he'll be willing to do so elsewhere -- as long as it's a situation he feels comfortable about.

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