Aaron Rodgers Reportedly Compares GM Gutekunst To Former Bulls GM Krause

The ongoing saga in Wisconsin continues with a new report today about Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers and some disparaging remarks he allegedly made about current Packers GM Brian Gutekunst.

The report via Bob McGinn, who covers the Packers for The Athletic, stated that Rodgers reportedly mocked GM Brian Gutekunst by getting the team to chant that he is like former Chicago Bulls GM Jerry Krause.

Many felt that Krause was a cancer to the then NBA Champion Chicago Bulls, and was adamant about breaking up the team from head coach Phil Jackson to all-time great Michael Jordan.

The team did go on to win six NBA Championships starting with three in a row in 1991, 1992 and 1993, and then they took home three more in 1996, 97 and the volatile 'Last Dance' season of 1998.

Just like that, the Bulls reign was over - Jackson and Jordan were gone, and the team hasn't been the same. It may be one of the greatest letdowns in all of sports history - and a lot of the blame belongs to Krause.

The Packers have suffered disappointment lately as well. They are coming off a successful 2020 season in which they went 13-3, obtained home field in the NFC Postseason where they beat the Los Angeles Rams, but then fell in a letdown to the eventual Super Bowl Champion Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Right after the setback to the Bucs, there was tons of speculation was next for Rodgers, a former Super Bowl MVP.

The Packers will pay Rodgers quite a ransom in 2021: a salary of $14,700,000, a roster bonus of $6,800,000, a workout bonus of $500,000 and a incentive bonus of $850,000.

That's apparently not stopping him from making light of the way that Gutekunst is currently operating the team, or from asking the franchise for a trade.

In his 16 seasons, all in Green Bay, Rodgers has thrown for 51,245 yards and 412 scores. The question is - will the two sides ever get on the same page and work things out, or is this all doomed to end with Rodgers playing for another franchise in 2021?

Only time will tell if the sides can figure things out.

If there's one team that is more than willing to talk to Green Bay about Rodgers, it is the Denver Broncos, who didn't draft a quarterback over the weekend, and will start camp with Teddy Bridgewater and Drew Locke.

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