Aaron Rodgers Gets Trolled About Packers On Jeopardy!

Let's say you're down 31-23 with 2:09 left to play in an NFL playoff game. It's fourth down, you're within 10 yards of the goal line, and the quarterback on the opposing sidelines is none other than seven-time Super Bowl champion Tom Brady.

What do you do? Go for it, right? You're certainly not kicking a field goal there.

Well someone forgot to tell Matt LaFleur that back in January.

The Packers head coach elected to kick a field goal. His team ultimately lost 31-26, and his star quarterback is still paying for that decision to this day. Aaron Rodgers couldn't even make it through one episode as a guest host on Jeopardy! without being trolled for that late-game playoff debacle.

Returning Jeopardy! champion Scott Shewfelt certainly remembered the call. In fact, he had a question for the three-time NFL MVP of his own when he didn't know the answer to Final Jeopardy: "Who wanted to kick that field goal?"

Incredibly bold. Incredibly brave. But incredibly amazing too.

We know Rodgers didn't want to kick it. He implied as much following the game when he dropped the "it wasn't my decision" line, but Shewfelt wanted more. Needed more, actually. And so do we. These are the sort of hard-hitting questions I'm here for.

As you can see in the clip above, Rodgers was a great sport about it. It made for excellent television and even has some people thinking Rodgers deserves a second stint as a guest host. Some players go to the booth, but Rodgers needs to be asking a different set of questions -- on a much different set.

Now if we can just get LaFleur as a guest host with a bold contestant.

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