Aaron Rodgers Flips Out On Allen Lazard After He Bounced Interception Directly Off Defender's Head

Aaron Rodgers was not happy after throwing an interception in the first half of Sunday's game against the Lions. He let his frustration out on the sideline and appeared to yell at his teammates despite his throw bouncing off of a defender's head.

Just over 10 minutes into the first quarter, Green Bay had 1st-and-goal from the five-yard-line. Rodgers took the snap, faked the handoff on the play-action, dropped back, looked to his left, and fired a high-velocity laser over the middle.

There was only one problem. The throw was a line drive that nailed a Detroit defensive lineman directly in the head and bounced way up into the air.

After floating above the end zone for a moment, the ball fell right into the hands of a Lions defensive back who went up and came down with an interception. Where it looked like the Packers had a chance at points, the drive instead resulted a turnover and a touchback.

On the sideline, head coach Matt LaFleur was absolutely deflated by the flukey pick. His reaction says it all.

Not long thereafter, Rodgers returned to the sideline himself. While he was sitting on the bench, the FOX broadcast cut to a shot of the 38-year-old, reigning NFL MVP. He flipped out.

Aaron Rodgers was not happy with the interception.

It appeared as though Rodgers said "cut this f—king stupid sh*t out!" Though it is unclear exactly who or what he was talking about, it appeared as though he was staring down Allen Lazard while he said it.

If Rodgers was blaming "stupid sh*t" for his interception, he would be correct. It was a weird, wacky play that stemmed from his throw directly at a defender's head. What could he have been mad about?

Did Lazard run the wrong route? Did he not break quick enough? Could he have failed to get enough separation?

Whatever it was that Rodgers was angry about, he was the one who threw the pass off of a lineman's head...