Aaron Rodgers Finds His Man Card, Calls Time Away From Girlfriend A 'Good Thing'

We've all been there before. The relationship is new, you're still sucking your gut in when you're around your lady, avoiding spicy foods, pretending you don't actually still play video games. Then one day, the boys want to enjoy the sweet sounds of Gus Johnson describing a fumblerooksi over beers and wings, and Little Miss Sunshine wants you to stay home and cuddle. As Aaron Rodgers may soon find out, that's when things get dicey.

Seeking a little "me time," Rodgers referred to some impending time away from his gal pal as "a good thing." Uh Oh!

As the regular season nears, Rodgers and fiancée Shailene Woodley, who makes her home in Los Angeles, will be bunking in separate states. As Rodgers told Haute Living, that's not necessarily a bad thing: “I think it’s going to be a good thing. I mean, her work was shut down for an entire year, and she’s booked a number of projects. She enjoys working and her own routine, which I obviously enjoy, too.”

Woodley is an actress who will be headed back to the studio, while Rodgers navigates his way through a seventeenth NFL season.

“It’s a busy work time for her, so (my decision to live separately) probably came at a good time for both of us to be able to focus on our work,” said Rodgers.

Easy peasy. If there's one thing we know about Rodgers, it's that he's particularly skilled at forging and maintaining strong relationships on and off the field. There's virtually no chance this thing goes south. Right, Danica?

On a positive note, boys night in Green Bay just gained another member, and he's got enough pocket change to cover the wings.