Aaron Rodgers Believes Tom Brady Has Regressed Physically; Wentz Growing As Colts Shrinking; Joe Burrow Deletes Social Media; Lamar Sees Different Side Of Belichick

Tom Brady versus Aaron Rodgers is the marquee quarterback matchup in the NFL this week. Because these two future Hall of Famers, on two very good teams, have been among the game's elite longer than anyone else in the league.

But Rodgers, in seeing Brady's game, has noticed something of a change from the time Brady was younger.

"He's probably better mentally and slightly regressed physically," Rodgers said. "He takes care of himself incredibly but, you know, age, I'm sure, 45, he might feel better and be more pliable but definitely different than at 30. But his consistency has been there every year of his career."

Yes, I can see Brady putting that up that quote on his locker immediately -- however honest and benign it might be.

Rodgers is actually something of a Brady fan because the Tampa Bay quarterback has done what ARod obviously admires, which is stay atop his game throughout his career.

"His consistency where you're still playing at a high level and there's not that dropoff," Rodgers said when asked what was most impressive about Brady. "I think every great player fears, you know, turning into a real below-average player on the way out.

"I don't think anybody wants to really hang on. Maybe some guys just want to get another year, maybe on a team where they can do a lot less. But when you've achieved at a high level for a long time you try and stay there as long as you can."

Rodgers will be 39 years old in December and has spoken in recent years -- and again on Wednesday -- of his exit from the NFL. He definitely isn't going to play until he's 45 like Brady.

"I won't be. I'll be doing something else," Rodgers said. "I have a lot of other interests outside the game. The game's been really, really good to me. I feel I've given my all to the game. At some point it'll be time to do something else and I strongly believe it'll be before 45."

Carson Wentz Grows While Colts Shrink

Carson Wentz's reputation has been soiled the past few years and it's almost understandable because the Philadelphia Eagles spent a lot of draft capital to get him. And they eventually got rid of him. The Indianapolis Colts, sure he was the right guy for them, traded for him and then tossed him aside after only one year. This was even after coach Frank Reich had begged the organization to get him.

And so everyone looked at that and looked at how Wentz didn't always produce or wasn't always durable and just decided it was his fault. He's the problem.

Except ... maybe he wasn't always the problem.

Someone has to say that know because this season has so far offered a different perspective on Wentz. Here's some of that perspective:

Carson Wentz Was Traded To The Commanders In March

Wentz is tied for the NFL lead with 7 touchdown passes. He's second with 650 passing yards. And his passer rating of 100.3 is sixth in the league.

While the Commanders are coming off a loss to the Detroit Lions, that's a game in which Wentz threw for 337 yards and 3 TDs against 1 interception.

The Colts, meanwhile, are 0-1-1 and were shut out in their last game.

So maybe it wasn't all Wentz after all.

That's a different perspective on things but this is perhaps the right time for that based on what's happening this year and based on the fact Wentz this week is playing the Eagles, for whom he played for fives season, for the first time in his career.

Wentz on Wednesday took the opportunity, while speaking with reporters, to put new perspective on his time in Philly. And rather than suggest the Eagles could have been more supportive or more patient, he actually looked inwardly to what he should have done better.

"I think your perspective changes when you grow up, you know," Wentz said. "You get married, you have a kid, you know, I think your perspective on life changes on your job, on work, on everything.

"And I think there's always things I look back on. Man, I could have been better here. I could have been better as a person, as a teammate, you know, lots of things that you do take for granted."

The Eagles may soon be convinced Jalen Hurts is their franchise quarterback, the guy to make the face of the franchise if he continues to play at the level he showed Monday against Minnesota. So they're fine now.

But so is Wentz. He got unexpectedly traded after throwing 113 touchdown passes versus 50 interception in his five years with the Eagles. But he's apparently grown from that experience

"I mean, I think anytime in life you get thrown a curve ball like that things change anytime you think, you know what life's going to look like," Wentz said. "You know, sometimes I always think God's up there saying I'm in control and for me as a man of faith, I think that's where my faith kicks in and just saying, OK God, what do you have next for me?

"I definitely cherished my time that I had up there. It was definitely a wild ride in many, many ways ... So, I'm very grateful for my time there, but it definitely does catch you off guard things change and you got to learn to grow up and change and adapt. At the end of the day, I'm thankful for it. I'm thankful for the changes that life has brought and I've grown a lot from it."

Wentz has grown and changed.

Maybe the Wentz narrative has to do the same.

Joe Burrow Doesn't Care About Your DMs

After a shaky 0-2 start to the season that has been both a surprise and a disappointment, Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow has been looking for ways to change course.

He's spent time studying other offenses to see if they're doing something the Bengals aren't. He's remaining confident, saying Wednesday: "We're getting this thing right, nobody's panicking."

Oh, and he's deleted social media from his phone.

So don't put all your feelings in his Twitter mentions.

And don't direct message him on Instagram.

Your reactions to the Bengals being 0-2 don't matter to Burrow.

"Well, what's great is I don't have Twitter and Instagram right now so I've seen none of it," Burrow said. "We're focused on what's going on . I'm sure it's not a good reaction . But I think it'll be a good reaction as we get going here."

The Bengals play the Jets on Sunday. Cincinnati lost to the Jets last season.

Lamar Jackson Gives Media A Scare And A Laugh

It was if bloody hell had broken loose Wednesday afternoon when Lamar Jackson was spotted with a protective sleeve extending from the wrist to just below the shoulder of his throwing arm. The sleeve features extra padding around the elbow area.

Turns out Jackson was limited in practice, according to the Ravens injury report with a right elbow issue.

"Oh noes, Lamar is injured," was the early media concern!

But no worries.

“I’m going to throw Sunday – a lot,” Jackson later said smiling.

"I’m good. The pad came with the sleeve. I'm good. I'll be out there Sunday. I’ll be out there in practice. I’m good."

Jackson was actually in good spirits during his interview session, sharing with reporters a story about his visit with the New England Patriots before the 2018 draft.

"I seen Belichick smile," Jackson announced. "Usually I seen him in public, he's like a straight-faced guy. I seen him smile, I was like dang, you got humor. It told him that he was like, 'Yeah.' I said I wasn't expecting him to be smiling."

The Patriots and Ravens play Sunday so we'll see who's smiling then.

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