Aaron Donald's Torn Rib Cartilage Looms Large in Packers Matchup

Aaron Donald — a monster disguised as a football player — suffered torn rib cartilage this past weekend. According to Ian Rapoport, Donald is expected to still play Saturday against the Packers.

Should Donald's injury not hold him back, the Rams can bother the Packers. When Rodgers has time in the pocket, it's game over. A healthy Donald can disrupt Rodgers' comfort. And Los Angeles' secondary is not one to throw quick passes against. In the regular season, the Rams ranked first against the pass and in points allowed.

Though even if Donald is healthy, the Rams' next-level defense might not be quite enough to beat the Packers.

This playoff matchup is all about the other Aaron on the field. No, not Aaron Jones, who is also great.

Aaron Rodgers is so good that it's an uphill battle to even compete with the Packers right now. Green Bay, with its no. 1 ranked scoring offense, is running opponents out of the building before halftime. If Donald is less than 90% with this painful injury —  the Rams have no shot of slowing down the Packers. None.

Expect Green to pull away late in the game. Donald's health could also alter the margin of victory. While Green Bay won't care how much it wins by, it's everything to those taking the Packers -7 at the FanDuel Sportsbook.

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