A Make-Or-Break Weekend For Jameis Winston

According to a report this afternoon from ESPN's Adam Schefter, Saints star running back Alvin Kamara didn't practice today. There's been no update on whether he's expected to participate Sunday against the Falcons, but it's Jameis Winston's time to shine if he doesn't. Without the security blanket of Kamara in the backfield, Saints head coach Sean Payton might ask Winston to drop back a ton this weekend, potentially setting the table for Winston's comeback story.

We've all been waiting for Jameis Winston to get his first post-LASIK opportunity. The 2013 Heisman winner will finally have a chance to prove he doesn't stink, he was just blind. After watching Jameis throw to the wrong team four years straight in Tampa, we're sure hoping it's the latter. If not, it'll potentially be Winston's last chance to prove himself.

Who doesn't love Jameis Winston? We'll be rooting for him here at OutKick so that we can then write a story about how he has gone against the odds and turned his career around.