38 Years Ago Today, Terry Bradshaw Checked Into A Hospital As 'Thomas Brady'

Of all the names he could come up with to use as an alias in 1983, Terry Bradshaw used 'Thomas Brady.' What are the chances? Is Terry Bradshaw a time traveler? Are we living in some sort of Truman Show being run by Bradshaw? Was Bradshaw sent here by aliens?

The immediate reaction to seeing something on Twitter like Bradshaw using 'Tom Brady' as his alias in 1983 is to assume it's fake and that someone photoshopped it together for laughs. It's 100% true though, and it's right there in the UPI archives. The New York Times archives shows Bradshaw using the alias, too.

"Hiding behind an alias, Pittsburgh Steeler quarterback Terry Bradshaw entered a north Louisiana hospital and underwent minor surgery for muscle tears in the elbow of his throwing arm," the United Press International (UPI) wrote.

"The four-time winning Super Bowl quarterback was admitted to Doctor’s Hospital on March 3 under the name Thomas Brady. Bradshaw, who owns a farm south of Shreveport, was operated on the same day and left the hospital March 5, said hospital administrator Charles Boyd."

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