3 Best Teams for Antonio Brown

Antonio Brown is eligible to return to the NFL after Week 8. Adam Schefter reports multiple teams are interested in him. 

Here are OutKick's four best fits:

3. Tennessee Titans

In order to work with Antonio Brown, a team must have a strong locker room, a leader as a coach, a high-level QB, and Super Bowl capabilities. For the Titans: check, check, check, and check.

There are five talented teams in the AFC with Super Bowl aspirations: Titans, Steelers, Ravens, Chiefs, and Bills. Order them how you want. With Brown, Tennessee would be No. 1 if they aren't already.

Tennessee could use a reliable WR. Antonio Brown and A.J. Brown together with Derrick Henry looming — why bother with 11 men on defense?

2. Baltimore Ravens

Baltimore is making moves. Thursday, the Ravens traded for stud DE Yannick Ngakoue and plan to sign Dez Bryant to the practice squad.

The Bryant addition could mean a no-go on Brown. If not, Baltimore is an ideal fit because it has the strongest and most talented locker room in the league.

The Ravens, though, lack a primary WR. If Brown is 80% what he once was, he'd be an upgrade for Lamar Jackson.

1. Seattle Seahawks

Schefter reports that the Seahawks will push to bring in Brown.

There is no better fit for Brown than Seattle.

Last season, Brown bragged about his one week with Tom Brady. Russell Wilson is significantly better now than Brady was in Week 2 last year.

This should be a done deal that will give the Seahawks an unfair spark.

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