NFL Truths: Titans NFL’s Best; Kirk Cousins, Dak Prescott And The Geto Boys; Cam Is The Beast Roller Coaster

Total200 Dear Jason: I saw the photoshop and story where you suggested I had something to do with Tupac getting shot in Las Vegas. Put some money on my books and come visit me and I’ll tell you the real story about ‘Pac.  Sincerely, Big Suge Here are your NFL Truths for Week 6: 10) More

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Written by Jason Whitlock

Jason Whitlock is a longtime sports writer, TV personality, radio host, podcaster and the newest member of the Outkick family.
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  1. I might have been the biggest Mayfield and browns skeptic in the world these last 3 years. The media wants to act like the browns were a super bowl darkhorse last year. That was cringe and it was dispriven very quickly. This year they’re 4-2 and their 2 losses are destruction at the hands of division rivals. YOU CAN’T FOOL ME, CLEVELAND!

  2. Jason, you always come up with at least one if not a few gold nuggets. “The Ferris Wheel is much safer” is a prime example 🙂 To some of your points, Derrick Henry is a beast, Crennell’s decision to go for two was absurd, and the Browns can’t win in Pittsburgh.

  3. Jason, you spoke to Congress a few weeks ago about media bias, Silicon Valley influence etc. The next time you are invited to Congress can you discuss NFL coaches misuse of the 2 point conversion? This is becoming a national emergency.

  4. Jason,

    Great observations and comments once again. I made a similar comment to my wife while on a long drive yesterday. We are Browns fans and my comment came after we just listened to Baker single-handedly ruin the day for Cleveland. We listened and my son watched- his comment: Baker is not a baller. He is a scared boy when facing good teams. Trade him while he has value and ride Keenum.

    I can’t disagree. I like Baker’s moxy but he can’t read defenses and Mike Tomlin gave everyone the receipt to end the Browns season: Blitz but use your DE’s to keep him in the pocket. He will either throw a pick or get sacked (or throw a bad pass). Actually, the Ravens gave the blue print Tomlin is just a smart coach followed the plan that worked this year.

    If Cleveland had Carson they are 6-0 at the top of the North. 5-1 at the worst.

  5. No mention that Philip Rivers played as well as any QB in the league yesterday? His own teammates were ready to cry a River over how everything that happened in Cleveland was all on him, they even failed to show up for the first quarter yesterday. Lucky that team has at least a few real leaders (Including #17) and they gave their victim card teammates the kick in the ass they needed.

    Rivers threw for nearly 400 yards and 3 TDs without his #1 Running back and missing two starting receivers. His go-to targets were a third string TE and a Receiver who was on the practice squad a week ago. Keep doubting him, please.

  6. I’m with you on Wentz. I can’t name a single WR on their team, and I’m pretty sure tackling dummies can pass protect “as” good as the Eagles o-line. Yet, he takes heat every week as though he can pass block, start a run game, or get open against man coverage. I’m pretty sure the Titans practice squad WRs would outshine the group the Eagles are running out there, and this receiver issue isn’t a new problem. Their front office must be sabotaging this team.

  7. Jason your critique of Dak as a quarterback is ridiculous. Dak as a rookie won the Rookie of the Year award and had the Cowboys beating the Packers except for a incredible throw by Rogers. I have yet to see a Cowboy game when Dak wasn’t winning the game or throwing at the end to win the game. He is clutch, a great thrower, and above all one of the best leaders in the NFL. I’m sorry you feel the way you do about him but you are wrong.

  8. Do not have a sit down with Suge. I repeat, do not have a sit down with Suge. He will probably have a couple guys hold you up against the prison bars with a towel wrapped around your neck and ankles through the bars and Clay will have a new partner at Outkick.

    I can’t believe Jerry Jones would pay Dak per the franchise tag next year. Bad business as he needs to prove he can even play at a high level after being injured. He wasn’t worth the 30+ million he paid him this year. I don’t care how many yards he was passing for before he got hurt. All empty calories. As your boy Bucky Brooks said, Dak is a trailer, not a tractor.

  9. Jason great critique of the weekend in football . I to believe Tennessee is very well coached Henry is a beast very good team . I live in Baltimore WON a good bit of money last year taken the Titans and the point . PS the Ravens are going down in flams Jackson can’t though the football. I watch every game he played in. His accuracy is no better then first game he played in. Its Terrible .

  10. Jason,

    I bet the ranch on Arizona and now have two ranches. Your mistake was thinking Mike McCarthy is an NFL coach which you have reiterated many times. When players have zero respect for a coach it translates onto the field. Jerry Jones is everyone’s best friend but as an owner he sucks because he becomes to friendly with his players (Employees).

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