NFL Truths: Titans NFL’s Best; Kirk Cousins, Dak Prescott And The Geto Boys; Cam Is The Beast Roller Coaster

Dear Jason:

I saw the photoshop and story where you suggested I had something to do with Tupac getting shot in Las Vegas. Put some money on my books and come visit me and I’ll tell you the real story about ‘Pac. 


Big Suge

Here are your NFL Truths for Week 6:

10) For now, let’s crown Derrick Henry’s Tennessee Titans the best team in football. For now.

In a stretch of five days, the Titans throttled the Buffalo Bills on Tuesday night and slipped past the Houston Texans on Sunday afternoon. That may be the most impressive two-game stretch we will see this season. 

The Titans scored 84 points in five days, 42 apiece against the Bills and the Texans. That’s the kind of work Kevin Durant used to do against the Clippers and the Lakers on back-to-backs.

Maybe Derrick Henry is “da real MVP.” In five days, Henry accounted for 327 yards and four TDs rushing and receiving. Henry is turning into the modern-day Jim Brown. At 6-foot-3, 250 pounds, he ripped off a 94-yard TD run on Sunday. He closed out the Texans in overtime, taking a shotgun snap and running five yards into the end zone. 

It’s hard for most people to walk 5,000 steps in five days. Human beings aren’t built to zig zag 327 yards through NFL defenses in 140 hours. 

Eighty-four points in two games? The Jets have scored 75 in six. 

This Titans team is special. Mike Vrabel is the ex-Pat who can actually coach. Thirty-two-year-old Ryan Tannehill reminds me of Rich Gannon, another QB who didn’t find his superstar mojo until his 30s.

I’ll crown the Titans as the NFL’s best… for now. 

The knee injury left tackle Taylor Lewan suffered against Houston could dramatically change my point of view this Sunday when Tennessee takes on Pittsburgh. The 5-0 Steelers get after the quarterback as effectively as any team in the league.

Stay tuned. 

9) Houston coach Romeo Crennel made the dumbest mistake in coaching. He tried to win the game from the sideline rather than leaving his players to decide the outcome. 

Leading by seven points late in the fourth quarter, Crennel eschewed the standard point after touchdown and called for a 2-point conversion. The attempt failed, opening the door for Tennessee to tie the game easily with a touchdown and PAT. 

It was a desperate act by a desperate interim head coach. Romeo wanted to be the reason Houston won. Properly positioned and utilized players are always the reason teams win games. Coaches win games in practice. Players win games on Sundays. 

Romeo has been coaching way too long to make the mistake he made against the Titans. He owes his team an apology. 

8) Kirk Cousins is why you never pay a good quarterback in hopes that he’ll become a great quarterback. 

It never happens. 

In 1989, Willie D and Bushwick Bill — the Geto Boys — wrote a song about quarterbacks like Cousins: “Let An Average Joe Be An Average Joe.”

Seriously, you gotta let a Joe be a Joe. 

J, how the f— you know? Every time I see Cousins he overthrow

Washington owner Daniel Snyder will never get credit for properly handling Cousins. Washington gave Cousins a series of one-year deals, giving Cousins every opportunity to prove he was a franchise quarterback. He couldn’t do it. 

The Vikings screwed up and gave Cousins $84 million in guaranteed money. Minnesota is 1-5. Cousins leads the league with 10 interceptions. He tossed three in the first half against the Falcons on Sunday. 

You gotta let a Joe be a Joe. 

7) Based on the way Jerry Jones is handling Dak Prescott, it seems the Cowboys owner is familiar with the wisdom and rhyming of the Geto Boys and the Fifth Ward Posse.

CBS Sports’ Jason La Canfora reported that Jones and the ‘Boys are comfortable franchise-tagging Prescott again next season. Smart move. 

Last week I wrote a story about how Prescott’s agent, Todd France, has pimped Dak out to improve France’s career as an agent. Go check out the piece. France is a clever agent. But, like all men, he can be predatory, selfish and exploitive when dealing with a neighborhood Joe.

France recently moved his agency business from Creative Artist Agency to Athletes First. CAA is a mega agency. How did France create leverage for his move to a smaller agency? He had three big-time clients looking for new 2020 contracts — Prescott, Steelers defensive end Bud Dupree and Broncos safety Justin Simmons. 

All three players are playing on the franchise tag this season. They could’ve signed long-term contracts while being repped by CAA. Isn’t it interesting that their long-term contracts will now be signed while they’re repped by France’s new agency?

Dak Prescott is getting played, but Jerry Jones isn’t doing the playing. 

Someone needs to send Dak the Geto Boys library. His agent is playing tricks on him. 

6)  Tom Brady looked 25 on Sunday. He’s going to make me walk back my previous criticism. 

Tampa Bay dusted the Packers 38-10. Brady threw for just 166 yards. Tampa’s defense was the real catalyst for the victory. The Bucs sacked Aaron Rodgers four times and intercepted him twice. 

I was most struck by Brady’s performance. The ball came out of his hand beautifully, on time and with accuracy. He moved exceptionally well in the pocket. It’s the best I’ve seen him look all year. He definitely looked like a QB that will be playing next season. 

5) My high opinion of Brady might be tied to how bad Cam Newton looked against the Broncos.

Cam cost the Patriots the game. He tossed two interceptions. When he threw downfield, he was off target. His footwork and mechanics were awful. New England’s passing game was so bad that offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels resorted to trick plays that had wide receiver Julian Edelman throwing the ball.

I get it. Cam had COVID. He hadn’t played in several weeks. The Patriots hardly practiced the past two weeks. But Cam’s performance was unacceptable for a veteran quarterback and former MVP. 

I’ve yet to hear any speculation on how Cam contracted COVID. This weekend, I read a 5,000-word story in the Washington Post filled with all kinds of conjecture about the spread of COVID and a motorcycle rally in Sturgis, South Dakota. I’ve yet to read a drop of speculation about the lone NFL starting QB to contract COVID. Not a drop.

I love watching Cam. He’s rollercoaster fun. Can you win consistently when your quarterback is The Beast, the high-speed roller coaster at Kings Island? 

Bill Belichick is riding The Beast. The Ferris Wheel is much safer. Tom Brady is a Ferris wheel. 

4) If you’re not watching Carson Wentz, you probably want the Eagles to replace him with rookie Jalen Hurts.

I’m watching Carson Wentz. He’s playing the best football of his career. He has no pass protection. His receivers are terrible. In the first quarter Sunday against the Ravens, John Hightower dropped a bomb Wentz laid right between his hands. Running back Miles Sanders dropped a pass in the end zone. 

Drops happen. All quarterbacks deal with it. 

But Philly lost by two points to the Ravens and fell to 1-4-1, and people who only check the boxscore will have no idea how well Wentz played. Dude is a baller. 

Before the game, I told my cousin not to bet the Ravens -9.5 because I knew Wentz would find a way to make it a one-score game. 

3) San Francisco right guard Daniel Brunskill is my player of the weekend.

Brunskill was matched up against the best player in football, Aaron Donald, last night. The 49ers double-teamed Donald on a high percentage of snaps. There were, however, a few times when Brunskill was left one-on-one with Donald. 

Brunskill did a fantastic job during those encounters. He kept his hands high and battled Donald’s karate chops. Brunskill stayed remarkably square and moved his feet to stay in front of Donald. It was a quiet night for Donald. No sacks. Limited pressure. 

Hats off to Brunskill. I’d never heard of him before last night. In 2017, he was an undrafted rookie free agent out of San Diego State. Last year, he made his first career start against Donald and the Rams. My research revealed he did a nice job a year ago too. 

Is Daniel Brunskill kryptonite for Aaron Donald?

2) Sell your Baker Mayfield stock. 

In games against the Ravens and the Steelers, Mayfield and the Browns have been outscored 38-6 and 38-7. In these two games, Mayfield completed 31 of 57 passes for 308 yards, two TDs and three INTs. 

Ouch. The Browns and Mayfield are overvalued at 4-2. 

You put Carson Wentz on the Browns and they’re Super Bowl contenders. 

1*) I had an awful gambling weekend. The Patriots and the Packers ruined my teasers. Let’s make up for it by parlaying the Bills -5.5 and the Cowboys at a pick.

The Bills are going to hold Kansas City to 24 points and score enough points to cover and maybe outright win. I have a bias against tiny quarterbacks even when they’re playing Andy Dalton. The Cowboys will beat Tiny Kyler Murray and the Cardinals.

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Written by Jason Whitlock

Jason Whitlock is a longtime sports writer, TV personality, radio host, podcaster and the newest member of the Outkick family.
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  1. I might have been the biggest Mayfield and browns skeptic in the world these last 3 years. The media wants to act like the browns were a super bowl darkhorse last year. That was cringe and it was dispriven very quickly. This year they’re 4-2 and their 2 losses are destruction at the hands of division rivals. YOU CAN’T FOOL ME, CLEVELAND!

  2. Jason, you always come up with at least one if not a few gold nuggets. “The Ferris Wheel is much safer” is a prime example 🙂 To some of your points, Derrick Henry is a beast, Crennell’s decision to go for two was absurd, and the Browns can’t win in Pittsburgh.

  3. Jason, you spoke to Congress a few weeks ago about media bias, Silicon Valley influence etc. The next time you are invited to Congress can you discuss NFL coaches misuse of the 2 point conversion? This is becoming a national emergency.

  4. Jason,

    Great observations and comments once again. I made a similar comment to my wife while on a long drive yesterday. We are Browns fans and my comment came after we just listened to Baker single-handedly ruin the day for Cleveland. We listened and my son watched- his comment: Baker is not a baller. He is a scared boy when facing good teams. Trade him while he has value and ride Keenum.

    I can’t disagree. I like Baker’s moxy but he can’t read defenses and Mike Tomlin gave everyone the receipt to end the Browns season: Blitz but use your DE’s to keep him in the pocket. He will either throw a pick or get sacked (or throw a bad pass). Actually, the Ravens gave the blue print Tomlin is just a smart coach followed the plan that worked this year.

    If Cleveland had Carson they are 6-0 at the top of the North. 5-1 at the worst.

  5. No mention that Philip Rivers played as well as any QB in the league yesterday? His own teammates were ready to cry a River over how everything that happened in Cleveland was all on him, they even failed to show up for the first quarter yesterday. Lucky that team has at least a few real leaders (Including #17) and they gave their victim card teammates the kick in the ass they needed.

    Rivers threw for nearly 400 yards and 3 TDs without his #1 Running back and missing two starting receivers. His go-to targets were a third string TE and a Receiver who was on the practice squad a week ago. Keep doubting him, please.

  6. I’m with you on Wentz. I can’t name a single WR on their team, and I’m pretty sure tackling dummies can pass protect “as” good as the Eagles o-line. Yet, he takes heat every week as though he can pass block, start a run game, or get open against man coverage. I’m pretty sure the Titans practice squad WRs would outshine the group the Eagles are running out there, and this receiver issue isn’t a new problem. Their front office must be sabotaging this team.

  7. Jason your critique of Dak as a quarterback is ridiculous. Dak as a rookie won the Rookie of the Year award and had the Cowboys beating the Packers except for a incredible throw by Rogers. I have yet to see a Cowboy game when Dak wasn’t winning the game or throwing at the end to win the game. He is clutch, a great thrower, and above all one of the best leaders in the NFL. I’m sorry you feel the way you do about him but you are wrong.

  8. Do not have a sit down with Suge. I repeat, do not have a sit down with Suge. He will probably have a couple guys hold you up against the prison bars with a towel wrapped around your neck and ankles through the bars and Clay will have a new partner at Outkick.

    I can’t believe Jerry Jones would pay Dak per the franchise tag next year. Bad business as he needs to prove he can even play at a high level after being injured. He wasn’t worth the 30+ million he paid him this year. I don’t care how many yards he was passing for before he got hurt. All empty calories. As your boy Bucky Brooks said, Dak is a trailer, not a tractor.

  9. Jason great critique of the weekend in football . I to believe Tennessee is very well coached Henry is a beast very good team . I live in Baltimore WON a good bit of money last year taken the Titans and the point . PS the Ravens are going down in flams Jackson can’t though the football. I watch every game he played in. His accuracy is no better then first game he played in. Its Terrible .

  10. Jason,

    I bet the ranch on Arizona and now have two ranches. Your mistake was thinking Mike McCarthy is an NFL coach which you have reiterated many times. When players have zero respect for a coach it translates onto the field. Jerry Jones is everyone’s best friend but as an owner he sucks because he becomes to friendly with his players (Employees).

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