NFL Truths: Russell Wilson Chasing GOAT Status, Saints Killed Drew Brees’ Mojo And More Cardi Bee

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Cardi Bee

Here are your NFL Truths for Week 3:

10) Russell Wilson’s three-game start to the season is the greatest QB display we’ve ever seen.

It surpasses anything we saw from Peyton Manning in 2013, Tom Brady in 2007, Patrick Mahomes in 2018 and Lamar Jackson last season. 

After Sunday’s 5-touchdown outing in a victory over the Cowboys, Wilson has opened the season tossing 14 TDs and just one interception. 

The year Manning threw an NFL record 55 TDs for the Broncos, his three-game start included 10 TDs and one INT. He reached 14 TD passes in week 4. The year Brady finished with 50 TDs, he opened with 5 and 3 and reached 14 in week 7. When Mahomes threw 50, he began 7-1 and reached 14 in week 6. 

I believe the best QB we’ve ever seen was Lamar Jackson’s 2019 campaign. Jackson tossed 36 touchdowns and 6 INTs. He rushed for 1,200 yards and another 7 TDs. Through three games last season, Jackson tossed 11 TDs and one interception. He rushed for 229 yards and zero TDs. He accounted for his 14th TD in week 5.

Wilson is on pace to throw 73 touchdowns and five interceptions. His lone interception is a pass that went directly through the hands of tight end  Greg Olsen. Sunday, second-year receiver D.K. Metcalf gave away a Wilson touchdown pass when he was stripped from behind while nonchalantly jogging into the end zone.  

Wilson is on a mission to reimagine what we think a quarterback can do in a single season. When he’s done, he’s going to force the Seahawks to tear up his contract and pay him more than Mahomes. 

The abuse he endured from Richard Sherman and the Legion of Boom has made Wilson quite ruthless. Two years ago, Wilson and his wife Ciara gave Seattle a deadline to give him a new contract. The Seahawks met the deadline. Wilson and Ciara shot a video from their bed celebrating punking Seattle out of a record contract. 

Wilson and Ciara are the rapper AMG and singer Rihanna. Bitch Betta Have My Money. 

9) The Patriots easily handled the Raiders Sunday, but Cam Newton looked below average.

A week after throwing for 397 yards in a loss to the Seahawks, Newton threw for just 162 yards and a single TD. Last week, a lot of people argued the entire NFL looked foolish for not signing Newton this offseason. 

You won’t hear that argument this week. Newton struggled with his accuracy all day Sunday. By the end of the first quarter, Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels adjusted his play calling and called for Newton to repeatedly dump the ball to running back Rex Burkhead and abandoned throwing the ball downfield.

Newton’s greatest consistency is his lack of consistency when it comes to throwing the ball. His mechanics are as inconsistent as his mood. He gets too emotionally high and too emotionally low. 

Is Cam playing at a high enough level to beat the undefeated Buffalo Bills? I’m not sure. The next month will tell the Cam Newton story. The Pats face Kansas City, San Francisco and Buffalo. 

Right now, for all the hype, Cam has 2 TD passes and 2 interceptions.  

8) Titans pass-rusher Jadeveon Clowney is the Cam Newton of defensive players — too much talent for his own good. 

Talent is a curse and a blessing. Too much talent is just all curse. It makes things too easy and allows you to cut corners. Clowney is another big-name player no one wanted to pay this offseason. He doesn’t have a sack through three games. Sunday, he nearly cost Tennessee the game when he erased a pick-6 by throwing a needless, illegal block. 

Having won three games by a total of six points, Tennessee is off to an excellent start. The Titans will make the playoffs. Clowney might make some critical plays in an important game. But I think Tennessee made a mistake signing him. 

7) Russell Wilson is going to win MVP, but Aaron Donald is the best player in football. 

The Rams should be 3-0 today. The refs bailed out Buffalo in the final seconds with a completely bogus pass-interference call, which was likely a makeup call for a questionable interception ruling earlier in the game. 

Whatever, midway through the fourth-quarter, with the Bills trying to ice the game, Donald single-handedly destroyed the Buffalo offensive line and quarterback Josh Allen with 2 sacks in a three-play stretch. The first sack knocked Buffalo out of field-goal range. The second sack stripped Allen of the football. Donald recovered the fumble.

If Reggie White and Warren Sapp had a baby, his name would be Aaron Donald. I’ve never seen anything like Donald. He should finish second to Wilson in MVP balloting. 

6) Fox Sports NFL broadcaster Brock Huard is special. 

He reminds me of Joel Klatt and Kirk Herbstreit. In the college football broadcasting model, you don’t have to be a superstar player to become a superstar broadcaster. Herbstreit and Klatt had solid college careers. They are outstanding calling college football games.

Huard had a cup of coffee in the NFL, starting just four games in a lackluster three-year career. The NFL broadcasting model requires on-field stardom. 

Cris Collinsworth played in a Super Bowl for the Bengals and in three Pro Bowls. Troy Aikman is in the Hall of Fame and won three Super Bowls. For a decade, Tony Romo was the Cowboys starting quarterback.

Brock Huard can be as good as Collinsworth, Aikman and Romo.

I loved his call of the Rams-Bills game. His analysis of Josh Allen’s battle with recklessness vs. fearlessness was top shelf. 

A smart executive should invest in Huard’s brand. Find someone — a Warren Sharp — to work with Huard on writing an informed, weekly NFL column and then pair Huard with a host for a weekly podcast.

Huard is the kind of Monday Night Football solution ESPN should be exploring. 

5) First three weeks of the season prove Jerry Jones was right not to overpay Dak Prescott. 

The Cowboys should be 0-3 right now, instead they’re 1-2 thanks to Dan Quinn and the Falcons. Prescott is leading the league in passing yards, a meaningless stat. 

Dak is a $30 million-a-year quarterback. He’s not on the same level as Patrick Mahomes, Lamar Jackson, Aaron Rodgers and Russell Wilson. Dak isn’t on the same level of Deshaun Watson, whose team is 0-3. 

Dak is Jimmy Garoppolo. There’s nothing wrong with Jimmy G. I’m more than happy to have him as my starting quarterback, as long as he’s surrounded with great pieces. 

4) Nick Foles is no better than Mitch Trubisky.

It’s great that Foles brought the Bears back against the Atlanta Falcons. Look, the Falcons are a whorehouse. Everybody eventually scores against the Falcons. 

Can Foles sustain a high level of play over a 16-game schedule? No. Can he do it for the next 13 games? No. Foles is a middle reliever with the ability to close. He’s not an every-four-days starter. He proved that in Jacksonville. He proved it the year he accepted being a backup quarterback after winning a Super Bowl.

I’m not knocking Foles. I love his self-awareness. 

If I’m Matt Nagy, I keep Trubisky as the starter and use Foles in spot duty when Trubisky struggles. I’d play two quarterbacks.

3)  The Saints killed their mojo this offseason when Malcolm Jenkins and Michael Thomas executed a Black Lives Matter-inspired assassination of Drew Brees’ character.

Brees has never been the most talented NFL QB. His intangibles, particularly his leadership, are what made him great. The guy’s reputation was impeccable. 

He was the guy New Orleans and the Saints rallied around. Jenkins and Thomas ruined that when they publicly criticized Brees because Brees had the audacity to defend standing for the national anthem. 

Brees is no longer the leader of the Saints, who fell to 1-2 Sunday night. He’s a player on the team. It’s a tragedy what Jenkins and Thomas did to Brees, the NFL’s modern-day Walter Payton. 

If the Saints miss the playoffs, blame Jenkins, Thomas and the media race hustlers.

2) I have no problem with Doug Pederson punting the ball in the final seconds of overtime and preserving the tie.

In the NFC East, a tie is nearly as valuable as a win. Seven or eight victories is all it’s going to take to win the NFC East. 

A penalty forced Philly out of field-goal range. Why not protect the tie? Why give Cincinnati a chance to make one play and kick a game-winning field goal. 

Sunday’s tie might make the difference in Philly winning the NFC East. It was  a smart decision by Pederson.

1*) As of right now, I see a repeat of Super Bowl I, Kansas City vs. Green Bay. 

State Farm will be quite happy watching Patrick Mahomes and Aaron Rodgers duel in the Super Bowl.

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Written by Jason Whitlock

Jason Whitlock is a longtime sports writer, TV personality, radio host, podcaster and the newest member of the Outkick family.
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  1. When the Drew Brees controversy started, I was like, Drew, announce your retirement TODAY. If members of your team come at you that hard (and not hesitate), then you’ve lost the team. Every step you walk back will never be enough, plus it will be counter to your feelings/opinions on any matter thereafter. You will refrain from being true to your core self, and that’s your strength.

    • Could not have said it better Craig, this is what I was thinking too. Brees is the most prolific passer in NFL history, he is beloved in New Orleans and the ingrate Thomas would be pedestrian without Brees. I would have stood my ground and if he “lost the locker room”, then retire. I lost respect for Brees when he caved to the mob.

      • I agree, he should have just retired. He has already made his money, it is not like his entire NFL career was ahead of him. I can understand if it is a young quarterback just starting out that is under that type of pressure and has his NFL career on the line. However, I don’t judge Drew Brees too harshly because we don’t know how we would handle that situation until we are in their shoes.

    • Craig, I agree. great comment. If his team came at him THAT hard (with CNN and an army of MSESPN SJWs backing his team), it would have been better to tell them all to fu#* off as opposed to compromising his values. There is, of course, something to be said for standing your ground. But not in that situation, not when his entire team showed how morally corrupt they were.

  2. I absolutely agree with the Brees analysis. He should have immediately called it quits and stood his ground. Now he’s no longer the leader of his team and wears the name of a rapist on his helmet to placate the mob.

  3. Drew made his money, won a SB, and has unimpeachable HOF credentials even with the far-leftist way the NFL is trending. He screwed everything up by not standing his ground and now he’s going to go out with a whimper. A noodle arm and the enmity of pretty much everyone.

    I don’t envy his choice and feel sorry for him, but he messed up and he’s paying for it.

  4. Great takes Jason. I’ve been a big fan of Russell since his time at NC State. Was not thrilled about the “scared for his daughter” comment, but I’ve got to give him props on the incredible 3 game start. Even though I’m not a Saints fan, I’ve always thought highly of Drew Brees. Very disappointed with his current lack of a backbone, and having Jacob Blake’s name on his helmet is either ignorant or pure pandering.

    • From what I’ve read RW is tearing it up. Good for him. He deserves it. You kinda have to forgive him for having to follow the progressive agenda in Seattle or else him and his family would be in real danger from the far left and NOT the police.
      I am a die hard Cowboys fan and I agree with the Dak analysis. All them weapons and protection and he is just above average. Unreasonable to think he is worth $40 million a year and still expect to be surrounded by weapons and O linemen.

      • I’ve followed Russell’s career pretty close, he went to Richmond Collegiate which was a rival of my high school, they beat us by 50 the one time I played against them and that was long before Russell showed up. Then I got to see every home game RW played at NC State, was actually happy he chose to leave for Wisconsin, they got him a Rose Bowl and definitely helped him earn a shot in the NFL. NC State was going nowhere with him as a Senior, we lost all his receivers from the year before. We specialize in having good to great QB’s and underachieving everywhere else.

        That said, the West Coast has been very good for Russell’s career but its not been great for his character IMHO. He was a true down to earth dude in his Richmond/Raleigh/Madison days. I think celebrity life has gotten the better of him. But I still want him in my fox hole over any other player in the league, aside from Rivers. On the field there is no one better than Russell Wilson.

  5. Brees disappointed me too, and though I hesitate to defend him, you can’t just forget his crystal clean record (on the field and off) up to the lack of courage moment. And it’s very easy for me to say I would have stood up for what I believe, but you don’t know until you are in that moment and I certainly don’t know what it’s like to jeopardize that kind of salary. He’s still a good man, who made a bad decision, meaning he’s just like us. At some point, I believe he, along with a lot of others will acquiesce to their misguided 2020 actions.

    Figures, my Packers would look stronger this year, hoping hard the come to Jesus for the league comes this year so I can enjoy my boyz! 100% agree on the Saints Mojo comments Jason.

  6. Very good point on the Brees thing. First time I’d heard this take, every other reporter is going with the lazy “his arm is dead” argument. His command of the team, rapport with his receivers, and ability to get others to elevate their game is what took him from really good to great. As we can see from the comments here, both sides lost respect for him–either through his statements or his retraction–and that combined with being a step slower has turned him into an average QB.

  7. Thanks, Jason, for my weekly NFL fix. It provides me with the assurance I didn’t miss anything by not watching. Hate it that 2 really good dudes, Michael Jenkins and Michael Thomas, have swallowed the BLM bullshit hook, line and sinker. Both are smart and should know better.

  8. Thx Jason.

    Simply put Brees caved in so pathetically cause of $$$$$. If you remember once he does retire from football he’s joining NBC.. Salary is expected to be close to or exceed Tony Romo’s $17M per year. He caved to the mob cause he has limited, if any, conviction and was afraid woke NBC would pull their offer…. Too bad Brees isn’t like Coach Beathard of Illinois State.

  9. You’re exactly right about Drew Brees. I can’t believe what these a$$holes on the team did to ruin his leadership role after all he’s given to the city of New Orleans. He should have never backed down on his stance of standing for the National anthem.

  10. Brees will forever be compared to Rivers. The Chargers were foolish to draft Rivers because they already had a HOF player in Brees. I’ve always admired both guys, but Rivers is the bigger and better man end of the day. Rivers was smart enough to keep his mouth shut during the whole social justice reform movement, and if he did open it I would bet my firstborn son that he wouldn’t play the whole “we need to have a conversation about how our whiteness destroys lives” bullshit that Brees did.

    I hope Drew loses every game the rest of his career.

  11. I like the bold insights and disagree with about half of them, but I do hope #1 comes true (although it’s unlikely).

    #10 – Wilson has been great, but it’s too early to anoint an MVP. Not that Fitzpatrick is even close to him, but wasn’t HE an MVP candidate for about 3 weeks in 2018?
    #9 – The Patriots will be in the playoffs with or without Cam Newton.
    #8 – Disagree. There are players blessed with both an overabundance of talent AND maniacal work ethic.
    #7 – Disagree again. It’s a team game. The Rams lost 35-32 or something, where’s the dominance The way the game is set up, even as great as a defender might be, who would REALLY build a franchise around a Donald or a Mack? (Oops, too late). For the smart teams it will be a Wilson or Mahomes.
    #4 – Nick Foles has something that players rally around (not referring to the locker room lore). So far it seems Trubisky doesn’t.

    #3 – Drew Brees is by most accounts a great guy. My only extended exposure to his personality was during a 3 hour Super Bowl Watch Party which also included Montana and Favre. Brees was annoying throughout, just interrupting and wanting attention. No big deal, but it said a lot. And maybe it’s why the players threw him under the bus and why he later sported Jacob Blake’s name on his helmet. (It’s only speculation which can hopefully be debunked.)

  12. Brees folding is still shocking. To play at that level for almost 20 years with his measurables means he’s a bad ass and tough as nails. When he caved to uninformed BLM advocates, he lost the respect of uninformed BLM advocates . If he stood his ground he’d still be the man.

  13. No one did anything to Drew Brees. He had the chance to stick to his guns but he chose to piss on his own good name, his family, and his flag. He’s a free man and he chose to bend the knee. Brees is no victim.

  14. Thank you for your comments about Jadeveon Clowney. Let me be clear. He’s the most overrated defensive player in the NFL.

    He comes across as someone with other worldly talent who mails it in at practice, doesn’t study much film, and doesn’t work at his craft. If he worked hard he’d have 15+ sacks per year with his ability. He’s a game changer, because he may change “a game” each year…then disappear. He has one or two highlights a year that everybody thinks sums up his whole game, when they’re momentary flashes among a mass of totally ineffectual play. For example, last year he had ONE good game against San Francisco on MNF, and then disappeared for the rest of the year. That just can’t happen with his talent, if he simply studies film. However he doesn’t, because If you watch him rush the passer, he’s a 2 trick pony. He will bulrush the tackle or try to speed rush around the tackle, the end. Any decent NFL tackle will own you with that approach, and most have owned Clowney. Maybe Vrabel can reach him, but I’m not betting on it.

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