NFL Truths: Mike McCarthy Is Losing His Divorce; Is Josh Allen The Equal Of Lamar Jackson? And Is Kyler Too Tiny?

Dear Jason:

Looks like everyone is pissed at you for questioning Chrissy Teigen’s decision to post a crying, hospital bed picture after she had a miscarriage. Even Tamron Hall, who has ignored you for years, ripped you over Twitter. When are you going to learn, it’s illegal to ask celebrities the questions people really want to know?

Shut up and worship!


Here are your NFL Truths for week 4: 

10) Never forget that in 13 years coaching in Green Bay, with Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers playing quarterback, Mike McCarthy led the Packers to one Super Bowl appearance.

One. That’s 1. He and Rodgers won it all in 2010. 

McCarthy is now coaching Dak Prescott, a solid NFL quarterback. Favre and Rodgers were transcendent and at different points in their careers were candidates to be the best QBs of all time.

Should we be surprised the Cowboys are off to a pathetic 1-3 start? Jerry Jones made a very bad hire this offseason. 

In a Week 1 loss to the Rams, McCarthy turned down a chip-shot field goal that would have tied the game with 11 minutes to play in the fourth quarter. The Cowboys instead went for it on fourth-and-3 and failed. 

On Sunday, trailing the Browns by three points with nearly four minutes on the clock and two timeouts in his pocket, McCarthy attempted an onside kick rather than kicking it deep. 

It’s the dumbest decision I’ve seen this year. I could be talked into believing it’s one of the dumbest decisions in recent NFL history. Hell, it might be the dumbest decision in football history. Please tell me a dumber one. 

Cleveland’s offense was sputtering. Baker Mayfield was leaking oil. Cleveland had blown a 41-14 advantage. On its previous possession, Mayfield overthrew Odell Beckham Jr., who was wide open. 

Since the safety rule changes, no one recovers onside kicks anymore. McCarthy bizarrely set the Browns up at midfield. Cleveland smartly turned aggressive, giving OBJ the ball on a reverse. OBJ ran 50 yards into the end zone, icing the game. 

What McCarthy did is fireable and unforgivable. His decision-making the first four weeks has been baffling. He’s trying way too hard to prove he’s a great coach. 

The Mike McCarthy-Aaron Rodgers divorce is the opposite of the Bill Belichick-Tom Brady divorce. The coach moved on. Rodgers is winning the divorce in a landslide. So far, Belichick and Brady both seem to be happy with their new lives. 

9) No one is benefiting more from the lack of fans in the stands than Odell Beckham Jr.

OBJ is letting his play do the talking for him. Sunday’s three-touchdown performance was an absolute masterpiece. Had Mayfield not overthrown OBJ late, he would’ve had 100 yards receiving to go along with two TD receptions and the game-deciding reverse from 50 yards out.

Without a crowd to egg him on, OBJ appears to have toned down his attention whoring. It’s a joy to watch him work without all the buffoonery. 

8) Dak Prescott played well … once the Browns defenders relaxed and thought the game was over. 

Dak threw for 500 yards and five touchdowns. He’s leading the league in passing yards by a mile. But the Cowboys are 1-3. You can’t blame Dak. Dallas’ defense is atrocious. Mike McCarthy’s decision-making has been atrocious.

Are you going to give Dak a mega contract based off of gaudy statistics?

I’m not. 

After recording two sacks that catapulted Cleveland to a huge lead, Myles Garrett called it an afternoon. So did the rest of the Cleveland defense. Maintaining intensity is always a struggle. It’s even more difficult inside a mostly empty stadium. The defensive side of the ball feeds off energy and emotion. 

You want to know why scoring is up across the league? No crowds to feed the defense. 

Dak is feasting on low-energy defenses. Dak is solid. He’s not special.

7) Despite their 3-1 start, I’m not sold on the Tompa Bay Buccaneers.

The Bucs have beaten Carolina, Denver and the Los Angeles Chargers. That’s not a murderer’s row of teams or quarterbacks. 

I love Justin Herbert, the Chargers rookie. He looks legit. He’s still a baby. And the Chargers have way too many injury issues to be competitive with Tampa. The Chargers led 24-7 in the second quarter. 

Congrats to Tom Brady and Bruce Arians for digging out of the hole on Sunday. I’m unimpressed. 

A week ago, the Bucs beat up Jeff Driskel and the Broncos. Tampa’s best victory is over the rebuilding Carolina Panthers. I’m not sure Tampa is any better than the 1-3 Vikings. 

6)  When this season is over, will we be debating Josh Allen vs. Lamar Jackson?

I didn’t say there’s a debate right now. I said when the season is over. Allen’s Bills are undefeated and he’s moved into the number 2 slot behind Russell Wilson for league MVP. 

Allen has thrown 12 TDs and just one interception. He’s also rushed for three touchdowns. The knock on him coming out of college was that he’s an inaccurate passer. So far, he’s completing 71 percent of his passes. 

Meanwhile, Lamar Jackson has thrown seven touchdowns, rushed for one and is completing 67 percent of his passes. 

Josh or Lamar, who ya got?

I’m going to duck the question for now. Here’s what I know for sure. Baker Mayfield was not the best quarterback in the 2018 draft. 

5) I didn’t like Deshaun Watson’s instant reaction when the refs overturned William Fuller’s potential game-tying TD catch in the final minute.

Check this video of the refs overturning Fuller’s catch and Watson’s reaction. Watson is smiling and dapping up Vikings defensive players. It’s a small peek into the mind of Watson. 

He looks like a quarterback who got paid this offseason and is now just waiting on his organization to do the right thing and fire Bill O’Brien. Is there any other way to read that? The Texans fell to 0-4 on Sunday. What’s there to smile about?

Oh, Houston is one step closer to firing O’Brien. 

4) I’m calling it now. The Eagles will win the NFC East with a 6-9-1 record. 

A handful of people criticized Doug Pederson for taking the tie last week against Cincinnati. It was actually a genius move. At 1-2-1, Philly now sits atop the NFC East. 

Carson Wentz is going to win another division title. He’s the best quarterback in his division. Philly is straight trash. The Eagles might be the worst team in NFL history to win their division. It’s a damn shame a playoff spot is going to be wasted on the NFC East. 

3) Tiny Kyler Murray completed 24 passes for a whopping 133 yards and three touchdowns on Sunday. I remain skeptical of tiny quarterbacks.

I was the best offensive lineman in the state of Indiana in 1984. I was good enough to earn a Big Ten scholarship. The Big Ten schools didn’t offer me because they said I was too heavy. The knock was “fat kids don’t get skinny in college.”

I went to Ball State. I didn’t get skinny. 

Short quarterbacks don’t get taller in the NFL. It’s not personal with Tiny Kyler. I just believe Russell Wilson and Drew Brees are aberrations. NFL quarterbacks should be 6-foot-3 to 6-foot-5.

2) I hit a 2-team money line parlay Sunday — Eagles +360 paired with the Heat +365. 

NBA TV ratings are way too bad for the league to allow the Lakers to sweep. 

I also hit the Browns solo +175. I had them paired with the Lions +130. I blame Matt Stafford’s second-quarter interception for the Detroit loss far more than I blame coach Matt Patricia.  

1*) Cleveland Browns running back coach Stump Mitchell, age 61, wears cornrows and an all-white Santa Claus beard. 

He’s too old for the cornrows and too young for the beard. I’m stumped. Can’t figure out what he’s doing.

Written by Jason Whitlock

Jason Whitlock is a longtime sports writer, TV personality, radio host, podcaster and the newest member of the Outkick family.
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  1. Jerry will never hire another Alpha male after Parcells, a decade of Jason Garett followed by many years of McCarthy. Honestly I don’t think Jerry is worried, he just wants to be in the headlines for better or worse.

    The right move for Jerry (not that he cares) was firing Sheriff Garrett 4 years ago and paying Nick Saban 10 Million per year to come to Dallas. But Jerry would never do it because Saban would be the undisputed leader of that franchise. That can never happen.

      • He was 9-7 followed by 6-10. Its not a huge body of work to gauge him by. He also caught a terrible break in the Dante Culpeper/Drew Brees sweepstakes. Ironically the Dolphins signed Culpeper who many thought was the safer, higher upside player. After which the Saints signed Brees. If those two signings go the opposite way, Saban could still be coaching the Dolphins.

        Also have to point out Pete Carroll, first go round as an NFL coach was lackluster, builds a powerhouse at USC, comes back and wins a SB in Seattle, should of had two SB’s, and will likely play in another at some point. Saban is the closest thing to Bill Belichick there is in football. If you want to build a winner, that’s the guy you call.

  2. Everything you wrote about McCarthy and his decision to pooch kick after the score to bring the Cowboys to within 3 was EXACTLY what I said to my best friend as it was happening!!! Also, you were spot on with McCarthy’s decision making. Every single game he has made a bonehead decision that turned out to derail any chance for the Cowboys to make a comeback. If it weren’t for the onside kick that worked against Atlanta, I would’ve called McCarthy’s decision to go for 2 when the Cowboys scored to get within 39-30 his dumbest decision to date. The only part of your column I personally disagree with is you calling the onside kick versus Cleveland as the single dumbest call in NFL history. I think that will always be Pete Carroll’s decision to pass on the goal line on 2nd down instead of feeding Marshawn Lynch. Carroll also owns the worst call in college football history…..when going for it on 4th and 1 against Oklahoma he kept Reggie Bush on the sidelines instead of, at the very least, had him slotted away from the line to keep Oklahoma’s D honest.

  3. Jason a few weeks back you said the Cardinals were not a legit playoff team and I disagreed with you. I was wrong and I now agree with that this team is still rebuilding and not ready to make a playoff run.

    I am an Eagles Fan, but not sure how a team with SO MANY Injuries wins the division.

  4. “You want to know why scoring is up across the league? No crowds to feed the defense.”

    100% true.

    This season has GOT to give credence to the argument that the 4-team divisions need to go away. I love the strong rivalries it nurtures, but we’ve had too many instances now where just absolute garbage teams wind up in the playoffs at the end of the season. Or maybe the divisions don’t need to go away, but the playoff calculation needs to change. I haven’t thought this through, but maybe make it so that you can’t make the playoffs as a division winner without a winning record, i.e. that division forfeits its playoff berth to the team that would be next in line for a wild card spot. No way the winner of the NFC East comes out with a winning record. Heck, if they didn’t all play each other twice, I could see that division with multiple winless teams. I feel like the only standing in the way of that scenario is mathematics.

  5. Jason, it would be almost impossible for you (or anyone) to persuade me to watch the NBA, but your “NFL Truths” columns are making me want to give the NFL a chance. The NFL does seem like it has players who are making an effort to distance themselves from woke lunatics (unlike the NBA which promotes wokeness and sells out our country to CHINA.And also the NBA has a much worse product. I am not surprised the Heat won either. The NBA is all about scripted narratives)……About one of your truths, The “Tompa Bay Buccaneers”, is one of reasons I am wanting to watch NFL again. I am guessing Cam Newton and Patriots will win more games this year than the Bucs.

  6. Jason, you are spot on with that Chrissy Tiegen post. It reminds me of when I see people posting photos of themselves with their grandparents on their deathbed. You can see they are pale, frail and ready to die. Let them have their dignity, and not showcase people in their most vulnerable stages.

  7. Don’t forget Jerry hired CHAD MORRIS to be the HC of the Razorbacks. Woe be to any team that allows Jerry to hire a coaching staff. I had a boss that was just too emotional and made quick decisions. It worked for him in the 90’s but as business became more technical he’s style just led to stressed out people and high employees turnover leading directly to business and personal bankruptcy at the age of 60. He could have retired and been comfortable for life at 50 a big success in life, but instead ran three businesses into the ground in 10 years leading to a much more humble retirement. Sad but he brought it on himself and no amount of counsel could stop it. There was always a sycophant to roil him back up to making a costly mistake.

  8. Regards the NBA TV ratings and it’s probable loss on advertising money for the next cycle.
    I believe that would hold true for the NBA if it was a couple or more years ago.
    There is big money behind the NBA now from foreign interests such as China that would be willing to make up for any advertising money loss just to get their message put out through an actual American concern such as the NBA. The pencil neck geek, Adam Silver, is in on it 100% and is probably pulling a
    Hunter Biden type move with China.
    The stakes are big to be had and money talks.

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