NFL Truths: Belichick Is Dean Smith; Brady Is Michael Jordan; Cam Is Done; Steelers Are The Best

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Written by Jason Whitlock

Jason Whitlock is a longtime sports writer, TV personality, radio host, podcaster and the newest member of the Outkick family.
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  1. Nooooo way Dallas needs Cam. That would only add to the disfunction. Dallas needs leaders not front runners. Let the wheels fall off so JJ can realize he has to clean house and start from scratch. How can you not back up your QB when he takes a hit like that. Disgusted to be a life long Cowboys fan.

  2. I’m a Bears fan, so I’m admittedly not all that familiar with whatever Mike Tomlin’s flaws might be as a head coach, but I do believe he’s on the cusp of tying the record for most consecutive winning seasons to start a head coaching career. He’ll certainly go down as one of the all-time greatest head coaches.

  3. It’s great watching Brady play in that Tampa offense and proves he was never a system guy, he’s a superstar, maybe the best pocket passer to ever play.

    BUT… Belichick is smart, he knows Tom can’t play forever and they need to eventually re-rack the QB position. The longer Bill waits, the less likely he’ll have time to groom the next young QB in New England. Worth noting bill doesn’t need a superstar QB to win, that division is and has been garbage for a long time. The Pats went 11-5 with Matt Cassel. There’s no way the Pats can get Lawrence, but a 6-10 record gives them a legit shot at Justin Fields, Trey Lance at worst. That’s what Bill needs, he needs a QB he can plan the next 10 years around.

  4. I like your top 5, though Baltimore is better than GB right now, though if GB’s D keeps growing with experience they could be there at the end of year. Your last point seems spot on, sadly. The negative effects of BLM, Antifa, and the social media atmosphere continues to corrode our society as you point out so well every week, and thank you for that Jason.

  5. Jason, since I’m not watching much NFL (mostly highlights), I look forward to the NFL Truths every Monday. I did watch part of the 1st Qtr of the Steelers/Titans. I agree with your top picks, but I’d flip a coin on Pittsburg and KC. I had planned on watching a few minutes of the Seahawks/Cardinals, but when I turned to it there was Pete Carroll wearing a We Want Justice shirt. Immediately switched to something else. Pete wants justice, we want FN “woke” out of sports.

  6. You nailed it with #1. Goodell and Silver are both afraid of their black players. We’ll continue to see the pandering until either the players ask them to turn revenue around because of the impact to the salary cap or until they demand both commissioners be replaced for the sake of diversity.

    • Great point, there’s a great blog by a local NC guy named Its wonderful stuff and aligns with what you see on this site. Bob wrote a piece 10 years ago and recently updated it about the Gladiators taking over the arena and turning on the spectators/management. Bob was absolutely right on that. Its what happens when you give absolute power to people that lack even the basic education of a high school student. Huge swaths of current NFL players couldn’t do college freshman work if their lives depended on it. They are rubber stamped through college, many of them through HS as well.

  7. 4) Piping hot take: I’d rather have Justin Herbert than Joe Burrow:

    Interesting take here but I would take Burrow. If you watch Burrow’s quickness to make decisions, you can already tell he’s at the top. And his ability will only increase as time goes on. For whatever reason, many QB’s make the right decision but just don’t make them as quick as others. Burrow’s brain is moving at a faster level than most QB’s already.

    If Cincy can ever get a few decent defensive backs and an improve their o-line, Cincy will be dangerous.

  8. Here’s a better question to evaluate Brady v Belichick. Would the Pats be any better with Brady at QB right now based on how you’ve seen the “team” play so far? I’m not so sure. It’s not just the QB position. Their WR are terrible and the o line is not good either. I’m not sure Brady would make much of a difference on this current Pats team, but that’s just me. Brady has two of the top WR in the NFL to throw to in TB, so a bit of a different situation.

  9. Brady looks great. My adopted home town of Tampa is on fire 🔥 4 sports right now. Curling is getting huge here.

    When Jordan was drafted, Bobby Knight famously told an NBA scout that wanted a Center in the draft – when asking about 6-6 Jordan, ‘play him at center’.

    MJ is the Goat 🐐 in basketball.

    Brady already is the Football GOAT and still ticking. Wowza.

  10. It is still too early to admit Tom Brady clown suited Whitlock. We saw Drew Brees’ arm, and even Brady’s arm tucker out in the last few weeks last season.

    100% agree on Gregg Williams. He should be coaching Cleveland right now.

    • Good comparison. To me a name won’t fix a “culture of losing” they’ve developed in Dallas. Think about it. Half of their team wasn’t alive the last time the Cowboys won a Super Bowl, so those days are long gone. When today’s kids think of the Cowboys they don’t think of Super Bowls, Smith, Irvin and Aikman. Today’s kids think about Dez Bryant, very unfortunately. Pretty boys, money, glamour, stat padding selfish guys, choke in the playoffs, soft, and overrated. There needs to be an intervention with the Cowboys leadership about this reality if they want to win. They are still stuck in the 90s. Get more gamers and less hair-dos in pads on the roster.

  11. Jason, don’t work about Justin Herbert bring 6’6″. I agree with your optimal quarterback height take. The difference here is that Herbert isn’t gangly, goofy tall. He’s very coordinated. He’s an outlier. And he’s an impressive QB!

    This coming from a Chiefs fan.

  12. I too though Brady look old the first couple of games . But he’s look great in the last two games I’m a big Brady fan . Belichick is very smart he no’s Cam can’t play anymore he got him for a smoke screen for the fans. Belichick is going to end up with a good draft pick and he will get a quarterback .Next year the player who sat out this year will be back and in two years New England will be wining tiles again .

  13. Agree with the Jets comment. Gase is out of bullets. Tanking for Lawrence, and then not have him come out would be a bitter pill for the Jets, if they are done with Darnold. For the sake of Williams, the Jets, and Darnold- What have they got to lose?

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