NFL Truths: A Breakdown Of The Quarterback Losers, Including Lamar, Cam, Jimmy G-String And Tannehill

Total162 Dear Jason: I hope you can read this. I’m wearing a mask while writing it, and the damn thing is so distracting it’s hard for me to remember what I want to say. Anywho, one of my staffers told me you don’t vote. Well, if you don’t vote for me or Trump, you ain’t More

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Written by Jason Whitlock

Jason Whitlock is a longtime sports writer, TV personality, radio host, podcaster and the newest member of the Outkick family.
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  1. I’m waiting for Jason’s mea culpa on Philip Rivers, and one of the other Outkick guys said the Colts should have taken Cam Newton instead of Rivers, how’s that working out bub?

    The last two games with Reich and company opening things up and letting Philip be Philip, he’s thrown 6 TD’s to 1 Int. I get it, you guys want to see him do it against teams that are better than Cincy/Detroit, but I am a firm believer that day comes Sunday against Baltimore.

    PS. Dead on regarding Stafford, I’d love to see him spend a few years with Belichick before he hangs them up. Stafford would be a great fit the Pats.

  2. Adding to your #8:

    This may sound a bit bold, but to me it seems that Lamar Jackson has already hit his ceiling.

    He’s always going to be able to win any game vs any opponent in the regular season, but I don’t see him winning consecutive games against the best teams in a given year, which is obviously what needs to happen to win a Super Bowl. Key word, WIN a Super Bowl.

    With Mahomes in his conference, I’m not sure when Lamar will earn the bye in the playoffs. That means Lamar will have to win 3 playoff games and then the 4th to win the Super Bowl. I love watching him and I root for him, but I just don’t see it happening.

  3. Jason you are so right about Cam . I seen him being question about the game Sunday how can you take someone seriously when they look like Mary Poppins .And the hair what is that about him and Brandon Marshall FS 1 should clean it up . When you look silly people think you are silly .When you want respect do the Michel Jordon .

    Jared Goff way over payed .Lamar Jackson can run like a deer he is unbelievable with his legs .I live in Balti. A Raven fan he can’t throw the ball accurately . Watch his arm position when he throws it different almost every time he throws he will never be accurate . The media will be push to pay him 200 million and if they don’t the Raven owner Steve Bisciotti and John Harbaugh Eric DeCosta they will be call Racist on twitter and social media

  4. Jason,
    I agree with most of your comments. Patrick Mahomes is the best in the NFL. Who comes close to him is difficult to say. I like Jimmy G. when he is not injured and wish he had a better coach. Play calling is sketchy. Kittle is open often and seldom gets the ball. What’s with that?

  5. Jason you are this best. Great minds think a like. I thought the same thing about Cam , Wilma Flintstone 😂. And yes, Nick Foles will always be a backup. Why can’t the Bears pick a quarterback ?
    Mahomes is the best, his football intelligence is beyond his years.

  6. Unfair to Baker. He threw the ball accurately against really bad weather but had nothing but drops from his receiving corps. I actually haven’t been much of a believer in the 6′ QB either, but if you really watch the game (did you, Jason?) then you can see that he stepped up bigly, was let down by his team. Refs were also awful, but that’s beside the point. Baker played on and will show up going forward.

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