NFL To Mandate Vaccinated Coaches, Staff Receive Boosters, With Stiff Penalty If They Don’t

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The NFL is is set to mandate all NFL Tier 1 and Tier 2 staff, including head coaches, assistants and others, must receive a Covid-19 booster by Dec. 27 or face considerable restrictions.

“On November 29, the CDC issued a study showing that the effectiveness of the approved Covid-19 vaccines may decrease over time and has recommended that all eligible vaccinated individuals over the age of 18 should receive a booster shot,” an email sent out by the NFL office Monday night reads.

“Given the increased prevalence of the virus in our communities, our experts have recommended we implement the CDC’s recommendation.”

The memo makes it clear all staff must receive the booster by the Dec. 27 deadline to retain tiered status under the NFL’s Covid protocols.

A source told OutKick that would mean coaches declining the booster would have no access to players, and no ability to travel with the team

“Basically we’d be kicked out of Tier 1,” the source told OutKick.

All NFL coaches and Tier 1 and Tier 2 staff are vaccinated but there was an unspoken understanding they would be good for the 2021 season. The new booster mandate is already causing some staff to complain about added measures for them while players need not get vaccinated at all.

Another source, speaking for coaches on his team, texted OutKick that the staff he’s on sees the following issues:

“1. There are a large amount of staff that at some point have already had Covid and feel like they have the antibodies and the booster is irrelevant.

“2. There’s a lack of educated choice/decision versus a mandate.

“3. There’s a lack of serious illness as it relates to players — meaning minimal hospitalizations and post-Covid issues.

“4. Players are not mandated to receive the vaccine — just the staff.

“5. And there is little to zero proof that the booster will prevent anyone from getting Covid much less transmitting it.”

The new mandate would not require players to get the booster. Indeed, the league has not mandated players get any of the Covid-19 vaccines at all because the NFL Players Association would not agree.

The NFL and its franchises have strict rules in place about support staff and administration that mandates all employees who have contact with players to be fully vaccinated.

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  1. NFL: “get more of the vax (it actually isn’t a vax at all, more of a palliative) that doesn’t work. And no exceptions for you coaches and staff that have had Covid, despite mountains of evidence from studies showing natural immunity is far superior to the jab. Because, you know, science and safety.”

    • It does make sense. The NFL is owned by greedy billionaires who will do anything they can to maximize revenue. If there’s any chance at all that a booster mandate could prevent them from having to cancel a game, they’ll gladly force it on their employees no matter how unethical it is. And since they have a monopoly on professional football employment in the US, they know there’s not much risk of attrition from enforcing something like this.

      Hell, some owners may even be supporting this because they think it will trigger attrition on other teams but not on theirs.

      This is a case study in why monopolies are bad. I guarantee you teams wouldn’t be doing this if they didn’t know every other team was going to mistreat their employees in the exact same way.

  2. As long as the players, play; who cares about the front office staff? Fans don’t see them on the field each week. Amazing that the mandate is for everyone BUT the players. Don’t want to mess with the fans, TV contracts and sponsors, but screw the support staff. I believe it is time to watch Heidi again instead of football…

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