NFL Schedule Release Day Has Become a Sporting Event that Rivals NBA, NHL Playoffs

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The NBA and NHL playoffs are in action today and hardly anyone cares. It’s NFL schedule release day.

The NFL has turned its schedule unveil into a week-long event, one so successful that it’s drowning out the rest of the sports conversation, from leaks to speculation to instant reactions. Consider this a way that the NFL flexes its muscles.

For months, fans have known each team’s opponents and locations. Today only reveals the order in which the games will be played. For example, we know the Chiefs will face the Bills in Kansas City this season, just not when.

Sports fans are so intrigued by the game order that the NFL has been able to brand this week in conjunction with Good Morning America and CBS Mornings, both of which announced a few game dates for ESPN/ABC and CBS respectively.

Disney saved the debuts of Joe Buck and Troy Aikman to announce which two games Monday Night Football will carry in Week 2.

Joe Buck and Troy Aikman on GMA Monday.

Perhaps admitting that you can’t go out tonight because you need to see what time you will be available to pick up the pizza during Week 1 is a bit embarrassing. Sure, it is. But we understand your concern. We are right there with you.

The NFL separates from the other leagues because every NFL fan base but the Jags go into the season thinking delusionally this is their year. If the Bengals can make the Super Bowl, anyone can. The scheduling order gives fans hope.

Once the league announces the schedule, fans of all 32 teams will pick the win-loss record for their squad in a frenzy, complain that the NFL gave them too early off a bye, and claim the network conspired to keep their team off national television.

Warning Lions fans: you probably won’t make the nightcap. Plan on the 1 pm window for about 14 of the 17 games.

Releasing the order of NFL games is now an event. The NFL is capitalizing on this opportunity fully. So tonight, as they have since Monday, the NBA, NHL, MLB and news stories will take a backseat to the NFL. Again.

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