NFL Responds To Tyre Nichols Murder

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The NFL released an official statement regarding the murder of Tyre Nichols. The league made the statement via social media on Saturday.

“We remain deeply committed to combating the injustices and inequities that plague our society,” the tweet said.

Following ample news coverage, the Memphis Police Department released body cam footage of Nichols’ police encounter Friday night.

The footage is graphic and disturbing and shows police officers brutally beating Nichols after a traffic stop on Jan. 7. Nichols, 29, died from his injuries after spending several days in the hospital, prompting widespread outrage.

The five police officers responsible for the attack were fired and face second-degree murder, aggravated assault and additional felony charges.

NFL Responds To Tyre Nichols Murder
Tyre Nichols died three days after five Memphis Police Department officers severely beat him during a traffic stop. (Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

The sports world has spoken out about the senseless death of Tyre Nichols.

Friday night, protests blanketed the city of Memphis. Protestors blocked a freeway as they shouted, “No justice, no peace.”

Following the release of the video, Lebron James actively spoke out against police violence, and many NBA players followed suit.

The Memphis Grizzlies and Minnesota Timberwolves also held a moment of silence to honor Nichols before Friday night’s game.

Protests continue across the country, and — undoubtedly — many more athletes will speak out.

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