Ref Drops Savage Line To Get Geno Smith To Stop Complaining

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An NFL ref wasn’t having any of Geno Smith’s complaints Sunday.

The Seattle Seahawks QB was fired up during the team’s 37-31 win over the Detroit Lions because he didn’t like an intentional grounding call.

Pete Carroll and Smith both couldn’t believe the call at the start of the fourth quarter with the Lions leading by four.

However, Carroll’s meltdown wasn’t the funniest part of the situation. Smith attempted to plead his case to the ref as he announced the call, and the ref shut the Seahawks QB down in savage fashion.

“I’m talking to America here. Excuse me,” the ref told Smith to stop his complaining, and the entire thing was picked up on the broadcast.

NFL ref shuts down Geno Smith in hilarious fashion.

It really doesn’t get much more blunt than that. Geno Smith wanted to plead his case, but the ref had more important priorities.

He was busy speaking to the entire country. The eyes of millions of America were locked on him, and he had an intentional grounding call to deliver.

Is the ref going to let Geno Smith’s complaining stop him from getting the job down and delivering the critical information? Absolutely not.

NFL ref shuts down Geno Smith’s complaining with epic line about the country watching. (Photo by Todd Rosenberg/Getty Images)

NHL refs have a reputation for saying whatever they want, but it looks like at least one NFL ref is interested in carrying the same energy.

Geno Smith wanted to complain, and instead of turning his mic off and listening, he announced to everyone watching the game that he had the eyes of the nation on him.

That’s a heavy burden to carry, and you can’t be kept down by a QB’s complaining.

Geno Smith and the Seattle Seahawks beat the Detroit Lions 37-31 in overtime Sunday. (Photo by Todd Rosenberg/Getty Images)

It’s only week two and fans have already had a lot of great moments. This one is definitely near the top of the list.

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