NFL Quarterback Battles: Who Bought The Best Christmas Gifts

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(Before I get into this, I think it’s important to note that a TON of these athletes donate a lot of money to their own charities and do a lot to help people in need. Many times it goes unreported by the media just how much some players do to help their local communities. These players were going to give gifts either way, so I’m just looking at who gave what in an entertaining way)

NFL quarterbacks not only battle it out on the field every week but with their Christmas gifts as well.

Yes, with the rise of social media the Christmas gift wars are upon us.

So how’d they do?

Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow appreciates his teammates. Or at least his offensive line. The Pro Bowl quarterback gifted all of them a free cruise – and that includes a plus one.

No further details were given, for obvious reasons, as to when and where the cruise would set sail from, although plenty Bengals fans wanted to know “for a friend.”

I hope the buffet is ready for THAT trip.

Burrow wanted to thank his O-line for not only (barely) helping the Bengals defeat the New England Patriots 22-18 on Saturday, but also for their 11-4 record.

Despite some people hating on cruises, I think it’s actually a pretty solid gift. Based on their sheer size and social media presence these days, it’s difficult for some NFL players (especially a quarterback) to go out in public without being bothered. So to be on a cruise with a bunch of your teammates and buddies getting annihilated and letting loose for a few days sounds awesome.

Well done, JB. Although I would have also wanted these sunglasses as well.

Joe Burrow gave his offensive line a free cruise as a Christmas gift. (Photo by Scott Winters/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)


Burrow went for the “experience-oriented” gift rather than some of his quarterback competition.

Aaron Rodgers of the Green Bay Packers, Zach Wilson of the New York Jets and Josh Allen of the Buffalo Bills all gave their offensive line electric scooters. (Rodgers actually gave the whole team scooters, but he teamed up with Jaire Alexander and Adrian Amos to make it a group gift).

Josh Allen one-upped the other quarterbacks by making sure all of the scooters he gave were personally customized for each player. Nothing better than making your gift stand out from other similar ones. Power move, love it!

Zach Wilson may wish he saved the money he dished out for his gifts though. After an abysmal 19-3 Jets loss to the Jaguars this past week, Wilson may not get another shot as the Jets quarterback as Mike White returns from injury. White’s been named the starter for the Jets game against the Seahawks on Sunday.


Patrick Mahomes got his teammates a set of what look like expensive golf clubs.

A cool gift but I’m not sure how many offensive linemen can even physically move their bodies and swing a golf club. (Insert John Daly joke here).

Patrick Mahomes bought golf clubs for his teammates. (Instagram: PatrickMahomes)

The Giants’ Daniel Jones and running back Saquon Barkley did co-presents and gave their O-line customized suits including shoes and jackets. Decent, but I personally always hated getting anything “nice” to wear for Christmas. Nothing more terrible than opening up a Christmas present just to see a turtleneck or a stiff-ass sweater that’s going to itch worse than the chickenpox.

Jared Goff let his offensive protection guys pick anything from ATV’s to Louie Vuitton bags. Solid for sure.

Jalen Hurts also gave his offensive teammates some Louie bags and his fellow Eagles quarterbacks got some Jordan 11’s.

No word on what Tom Brady gifted this year – although last year he gave his Buccaneers line IWC watches. (Of which he is sponsored by, so hopefully he still paid for them).


Meanwhile, even though he’s not a quarterback, I gotta give Bills’ wide receiver Isaiah McKenzie a big shout out. He came up BIG by giving his fellow wide receivers customized arcades with over 9,000 games installed.

I absolutely love this move by McKenzie. It’s a gift that will last for years (although it may need a new paint job if one of the players gets traded). Arcade games are awesome – and they also include NFL Blitz which is a huge hit in NFL locker rooms.

And 9,000 games? Do you know how many nights I’ve come home from a bar and thrown on Xbox and played just ONE game for hours? With that many games you’re talking about endless entertainment for you and your friends. McKenzie for the win!


Whether it’s a cruise, or a scooter, or someone dropping off some homemade cookies, the season of giving means a lot more when somebody actually gives some thought to their gift – even if it’s just a heartfelt Christmas card.

Kind gestures can go a long way.

I remember going to a secret Santa party a few years back with a bunch of my friends. An annual thing that started with 8 or so people and continued to grow from there. Well, this was the year that anyone with a Spotify account also received a free Bluetooth-type speaker.

I kid you not – SIX different people all brought that as a Secret Santa gift. Couldn’t even afford or spend the time to get a gift certificate (which is also a cop-out gift). At first it was like “oh sweet a Bluetooth speaker!” Until literally five other people opened the same damn thing and suddenly you realize that you’re an afterthought.

Very awkward. Somebody also brought a rotisserie chicken from 7-1, but that’s for a different article at a different time.

Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski dressed up as Santa Clause (Instagram)


Maybe the NFL quarterbacks bestowed some gifts with that ol’ line from Home Alone 2: Lost In New York. When a bellhop (played by Rob Schneider) drops off Kevin McCallister’s luggage to his Plaza Hotel room and is waiting for a tip, Kevin gives him a piece of gum and says, “And there’s plenty more where that came from.”

Burrow – who led the league in quarterback sacks last season, has had stronger O-line protection this year; the Bengals are now only ranked 6th-worst in the league.

Maybe with the persuasion of the cruise tickets, the Bengals O-Line realizes that there could be something even better soon – a Lombardi Trophy.

Unless those electric scooters are ready to run them over.

Written by Mike Gunzelman

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