NFL Pro Bowlers Debate Whether They’d Rather Get Stiff-Armed By Saquon Barkley Or Laid Out By Dexter Lawrence

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Would NFL players rather be stiff-armed by Saquon Barkley or laid out by Dexter Lawrence?

Saquon Barkley and Dexter Lawrence. (Photos by: Michael Allio/Icon Sportswire, Kevin Sabitus/Getty Images)

While there is no right answer to that question, it sparked a heated debate at the Pro Bowl Games. The New York Giants social media team is on-hand in Las Vegas and wanted to know which of their two stars proves more menacing.

Barkley is 6-foot-0, 232 pounds and put up 29 reps on the bench press during the NFL Combine. Lawrence is 6-foot-4, 342 pounds and put up 36 reps on the bench press. They both put up equally massive numbers on the squat rack and throughout the rest of the weight room.

While it might seem like taking a hand from Barkley might seem like a better option than taking the full force of Lawrence, there is also the embarrassment element. With the stiff arm, it might hurt a little bit less physically, but it will hurt the ego a lot more when the clip goes viral. With the tackle, it might leave a bruise, but the clip will get buried on social media much faster.

All of these things factor into the NFL debate.

  • George Kittle would rather get laid out because getting stiff-armed is so disrespectful.
  • Cam Jordan isn’t scared of Barkley’s upper body, so he’d rather get stiff-armed.
  • Penei Sewell would prefer to get licked by Lawrence.
  • Frank Ragnow has been close to getting crushed by Lawrence and didn’t like what he foresaw.
  • Chris Lindstrom has been laid out by Lawrence in the past. He went Barkley stiff-arm.
  • Elgton Jenkins thinks Lawrence is too big, so he’d rather meet Barkley in space.
  • Geno Smith considers them both equal and went with the cop out answer.

Here’s the full breakdown of how the NFC Pro Bowlers made their decisions:

It’s a tough question with mixed answers… what do you think?

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