Marlon Mack Gives You A Bodycam Experience At Colts Camp

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Looking to watch NFL games from a new angle that isn’t the helmet cam? How about a little lower like the upper chest? Marlon Mack tested out a bodycam this week during a Colts practice and brings back the conversation of how much desire there is out there to watch guys running around during a game from a chest point-of-view. Let’s compromise.

Give me two things during NFL games:

  • Bodycam touchdown highlights
  • A NSFW unfiltered microphone experience; I’ll gladly sign a don’t be offended by what you’re about to hear waiver

I’ll pay $99.99 a year — at least — for the unfiltered mic experience. I want to hear the trash talk before NFL Films gets its hands on the footage to bleep it out. I want to sit on the couch with headphones on like I’m on the sidelines and can hear everything. The first time I heard NASCAR’s spotter radio channels is when I knew this had to one day end up in the NFL.

While unfiltered NSFW audio is probably a long way down the road due to the snowflakes who’d want to cancel these guys over what they say in the heat of action, bodycams like what was worn by Mack make sense.

Helmet cams are fun for a minute before you want to go back to a traditional broadcast, but I think bodycam touchdown highlights could be fun. Let’s see Lamar Jackson spinning and stiff-arming his way through the Steelers defense. Better yet, give us helmet cams, bodycams and the NSFW unfiltered microphone channel. Here’s my credit card.

Give me all angles of a big Marlon Mack day:

Written by Joe Kinsey

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      • I’ve been a Mack fan since he was a USF Bull, I can always get him much lower in fantasy drafts than he should be drafted, no idea why people under value him. But then you look at the RB depth chart: Mack –> Jonathan Taylor –> Nyheim Hines, and you realize they are as stacked as any team in the league at RB. A top 5 O-line, and top 5 defense, this will be Rivers best team since the 2006 or 2009 Chargers.

        My biggest question is Michael Pittman Jr.. If he can finally be the big bodied #1 receiver that frees up TY Hilton to be the speed demon, they could be really special. Rivers still has enough to get it done.

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