Lamar Jackson Squashes ‘False Narratives,’ Says He Loves The Ravens

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Baltimore Ravens quarterback and former NFL MVP Lamar Jackson is entering the final year of his rookie contract.

Jackson’s four seasons with Baltimore have produced enough success to warrant a considerable extension, but the question remains on how much the deal will amount to as QB contract figures inch higher.

Naturally, without an agreement in place and public sentiments on the potential deal coming from Jackson and the Ravens, fans are wondering whether a long-term commitment will be attainable.

The QB acknowledged the ongoing speculation and tweeted out an assuring message for Ravens fans listening to the rumors.

“I love my Ravens I don’t know who the hell putting that false narrative out that I’m having thoughts about leaving stop tryna read my mind,” Jackson tweeted on Wednesday, reminding fans that both he and the team have been vocal in their pledge to get a deal done.

Jackson has scored 105 total touchdowns, was voted to two Pro Bowls (one All-Pro selection) and led an MVP-worthy campaign in 2019. He has also tied Michael Vick for most games with 100+ rushing yards for a QB in NFL history (10) and seemingly became the archetype for dual-threat play-callers.

It’s a resume that Ravens general manager Eric DeCosta and owner Steve Bisciotti are aware of; thus, leaving the ball in Jackson’s court with the front office’s interest already in mind.

“The kid is so obsessed with winning a Super Bowl, that I think deep down, he doesn’t think he’s worthy,” Bisciotti stated, via “I think he wants that to say, ‘Now, I deserve to be on top.’ People can speculate any way they want. I don’t think he is turned on by money that much and he knows it’s coming one way or the other.”

Jackson has a total record of 47-17 as a starter, also boasting a .707 winning percent.

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