NFL Honors Criminal Dreasjon Reed Who Shot At Police, Wants You To ‘Say His Name’

The NFL continued its season-long “Inspire Change” campaign on Wednesday by honoring none other than Dreasjon Reed, a man who was shot and killed by Indianapolis police in May after he shot at an officer during a foot chase. He led cops in a pursuit through the city and streamed the whole thing on Facebook Live.

“I’m not going to jail today. No sir,” Reed says on the Facebook Live video.

The NFL says Dreasjon, who police say pulled two drive-by shootings with the gun he used to shoot at cops, is one of 87 “victims of systemic racism, victims of police misconduct, and social justice heroes who will be honored with helmet decals worn by players.”

A grand jury decided in November not to charge Officer Dejoure Mercer with a crime in the case.

This isn’t the first time the NFL’s “Inspire Change” campaign, which wants you to say Reed’s name, has chosen to honor a questionable “victim” of systemic racism or police misconduct. You might remember earlier this fall when the league’s social media department chose to honor Althea Bernstein, the Wisconsin woman who claimed she was attacked with lighter fluid and set on fire.

The Department of Justice couldn’t find a single scrap of evidence that Bernstein was attacked, and her team of lawyers quickly asked for privacy after the DOJ’s findings. That didn’t stop the NFL from promoting her case.

And now here we are with the NFL asking fans to honor Reed, who stole the gun he used that day from a Texas pawn shop. “We have the still images from their surveillance video of him taking the gun,” an investigator said. Reed had three outstanding warrants at the time of his death, including felony intimidation and two for the stolen gun.

While all of this information has been available to the NFL’s social media team, they still ask us to say Reed’s name.

It’s an interesting strategy from a league that has yet to mention a single nurse, police officer, fireman, doctor, respiratory therapist, restaurant owner or bar owner on its Instagram page. Not one. No benefit to help bar owners who have been the backbone of the NFL for decades. No tributes to nurses battling COVID or nurses battling to stay alive after getting COVID while at work.

Instead, the NFL has chosen to use its power to honor a thug criminal who was a drag on society. It’s disgusting.

Written by Joe Kinsey

I'm an Ohio guy, born in Dayton, who roots for Ohio State and can handle you guys destroying the Buckeyes, Urban Meyer and everything associated with Columbus.


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  1. Can’t wait for NFL players to set up CHAZ on the field.

    Basically NFL decided to chose the losing side of the culture war and will soon reap all of the brokenness it provides.

  2. I think this is a good thing. This means that the NFL couldn’t get through an entire year without running out of actual victims of so-called oppression and/or police misconduct or “brutality”. They have to reach in order to keep putting up a new face. It just goes to show how few incidents of real injustice really exist.
    The NFL is as close to an unstoppable force that exists from a sports or television perspective. But so was baseball, boxing and horse racing at one point in history. It won’t last forever. Continuing to insult the majority of people won’t help.

  3. One side effect of “honoring” career criminals who wanted to commit suicide by cop is that it teaches little black children (especially boys) that hey its ok to be a criminal and shoot at police, you may become a fake hero one day. This dude was not a role model. Reed was not a person to look up to. He was a person that all parents should say stay away from this guy he is a loser. Reed was a loser. He chose to be a career criminal and shoot at the police all the while thinking it was a big joke on FB.

  4. I was going to leave a comment on NFL IG but really, what’s the point? I quit watching the NFL, the ratings show plenty of others are tuning out compared to previous years(this all with more people at home watching tv as well) and the remaining fans in that comment section are the kind of low IQ morons that buy into this BS the NFL is peddling. Everyday these “professional” sports leagues make it easier to not watch.

  5. Why doesn’t an NFL, NBA or MLB players wear the name CANNON HINANT on their helmet/jersey? For those who either forgot or don’t know, CANNON HINANT was the 5 year old White boy from South Carolina who was playing outside on his bicycle when his black next door neighbor came up behind him and shot him in the head, killing him. Where’s the love for this young, innocent victim? Oh, that’s right, wrong color. CANNON didn’t fit the narrative that the Commiecrat Media, Congress, BLM and IGNORANT Hollywood actors and actresses and professional athletes like LeBron James try to spew. I could care less if this offends anyone. If this actually offends you, then YOU are part of the problem as well.
    God Bless you CANNON HINANT…….some of us still think about you and hold you in our prayers.

  6. I don’t honor criminals. I know the NFL is filled with fake protesting communist cowards and criminals. I wont say the shitbags name or even care what it is. I will say this F#ck you NFL for supporting criminals and shitting on your fans. Goodell is such a leftist asswipe.

  7. Guessing most of the players have no idea who this criminal is, let alone why they should “say his name.” Instead, they are the rats following their woke pied piper telling them to.

    Players should instead act more like Maurkice Pouncey (I can’t believe I am saying that) and look into the circumstances of the “victim’s” death. He did, through prompting of others in his circle, and found that the Steelers had lied to him. I think if more players were provided with the full picture, you would see more acting like Pouncey.

    Which is probably why the pro-BLM clowns in the NFL specifically DO NOT provide all the facts.

  8. Scared. The NFL is. Do you really think anyone with some IQ thinks this is good? What are you doing honoring criminals. Great business strategy. You are so big an entity that you can stuff this garbage down your consumers throats. Goodell is a massive pansy equaled only by the worm Silver of the association. You are fucking frauds. Shame.

    • Goodell is definitely showing that his spine is in no better shape than Silver’s. They both are caving to “woke” and especially to BLM. If the NFL is compelled to go with names on helmets the least they could do is validate them. We all know there will be no white victim names, there will be no names of murdered law enforcement officers (not even those who were black), there will be no names of black babies killed in drive by shootings, but no problem with names of actual criminals. It doesn’t get much worse (and actually despicable) than this.
      Tim’s comment on Cannon Hinnant was spot on. There was virtually no coverage of his horrific murder.

  9. Has anyone asked the NFL why all of their honorees are black? I mean, I have to believe that there was at least one caucasian ass hole in this country that committed a violent act resulting in their death at the hands of law enforcement. As a matter of fact, I would bet that there are hundreds of caucasian ass holes who did some violent, really stupid shit that got them killed by the cops. Bet I could throw a couple of Native Americans and Hispanics in there as well. So why is the NFL highlighting only the violent criminal behavior of African Americans? Are we to believe that African Americans are the only race that assaults police and commits felony crimes that ultimately leads to them being killed or seriously injured by police. NFL is racist as fuck and they should be ashamed of themselves. One of the reasons I continue not to watch. Also, there was a black male that attempted to murder a police officer in North Carolina yesterday. Had a concealed gun and shot the cop after being arrested. He escaped and is on the run. Maybe the NFL should invite this young man to do the honorary coin toss at this year’s superbowl. And the Red Sox can have him throw out opening day first pitch next season.

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