NFL Exec Compares Combine To ‘Slave Auction’ During Meeting With Owners

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Troy Vincent is the NFL executive vice president of football operations. He also says the NFL scouting combine isn’t dissimilar to a “slave auction.”

Vincent made the comparison on Wednesday during league meetings, reports CBS Sports.

Team owners took immediate offense to the hysterical remark. It appears billionaires would prefer someone not liken paying athletes millions of dollars for playing a game to putting black people in chains.

“Sources within the ownership meeting revealed details of what Vincent said among team owners that included the reference to a slave auction,” the CBS piece explained. “In the meeting, Vincent’s comments drew an immediate response from Atlanta Falcons owner Arthur Blank, who stood up and registered his offense, according to sources. Blank, who has a strong record on diversity and inclusion over his two decades in the NFL, took umbrage with the idea that he was either taking part in or helping to prop up an event that could be considered racist,”

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones followed Blank on the microphone, calling it a “privilege” to play in the league.

He’s correct. Where else can one sexually prey on nearly 30 women and then sign a five-year, $230 million contract?

Yet according to Troy Vinny, the NFL treats players like Deshaun Watson as if they were slaves.

Troy Vincent at NFL Facebook meetings earlier this year

Of course, the NFL isn’t going to condemn Vincent for his remarks publicly. But the league should. His comment is reckless and purposely dishonest.

The remark also marginalizes slavery. Here is a highly-paid NFL official comparing players trying out to pursue their dream as professional athletes to entering a plantation.

We’ve come to expect this level of idiocy from LeBron James, who called NFL owners “old white men” with “slave mentalities” in 2018.

Same with failed backup quarterback Colin Kaepernick. Last year, Kaepernick compared playing in the NFL to brutal slavery in the Netflix documentary “Colin in Black & White.” Kaepernick made this comparison as he begged the NFL to bring him back. Apparently, he missed his time playing backup slave to white guy Blaine Gabbert.

Kaepernick compares NFL to slavery in Netflix documentary.

But to hear the executive vice president of football operations say that is alarming. Troy Vincent is supposed to lead the NFL, not spread unfound racial dramatics.

A sane society would universally mock remarks like these. However, in a racialized, uber-sensitive- culture, expect The Washington Post to praise Vincent for his comments.

The scouting combine turns players into victims. The NFL mirrors the darkest days of slavery, says Vinny, LeBron, and Kaep.

Written by Bobby Burack

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  1. Yawn. So tired of hearing professional athletes complain that they have to prove their worth before getting to make millions of dollars playing a sport. People grow up dreaming of playing in the NFL. I have yet to meet anyone whose life ambitions were to pick crops for free while being whipped.

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