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NFL Embracing BLM Ideals Highlights Its Leadership Void

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Four years ago, the NFL forbade Jason Witten and the Dallas Cowboys from placing “Arm in Arm” stickers on the back of their helmets that would honor five slain Dallas police officers.  

This year, according to a Thursday report by ESPN The Undefeated’s Jason Reid, the NFL Players Association and the NFL are collaborating on an idea to list the names of black people killed by police on jerseys. 

The absurdity of this pivot could only be topped by the folly of DeMaurice Smith’s and Roger Goodell’s other proposed pivot. According to Reid, in Week 1 the NFL will play the “black national anthem,” Lift Ev’ry Voice and Sing, before playing The Star-Spangled Banner. 

So the NFL is going to start its season with all of its employees standing for the “black national anthem” and a majority of its on-field employees immediately taking a knee for the American national anthem?

That’s the game plan Smith and Goodell cooked up?

It feels as devoid of foresight and substance as the trial balloon floated two months ago to reward teams that hire black or female head coaches and executives enhanced third-round draft picks. That failed trial balloon was pinned on NFL executive vice president of football operations Troy Vincent. 

No matter the architect, what’s clear is the absence of courageous and mature leadership pervasive throughout football. Goodell, Smith and Vincent all appear to have a wet finger flying in the Twitter air hoping a strong gust blows them in the right direction.

Social media has established that the highest form of American humanity is a black ex-felon slain by a white police officer. That is the promised land, according to Martin Luther Tweeter. 

Rayshard Brooks’ life is more worthy of celebration and remembrance than David Dorn’s.

Brooks, of course, is the Atlanta parolee/drunk driver who fought police, fired a stolen taser at police and was subsequently shot dead by police. His girlfriend has been arrested for burning down the Wendy’s restaurant where Brooks fell asleep in the drive-thru lane. Brooks’ funeral services were held at Atlanta’s historic Ebenezer Baptist Church, Dr. Martin Luther King’s church. 

Dorn is a little-known, black 77-year-old retired St. Louis police officer who was murdered by a looter robbing a pawn shop. A 24-year-old black man has been charged with Dorn’s murder. 

Had white men murdered Dorn, he would be a household name worthy of having his name on the jersey of an NFL player. Hell, Dorn might be as iconic as Ahmaud Arbery. Unfortunately, Dorn had the misfortune of suffering the same fate as thousands of other black men killed by black men.

With only 1,700 NFL players, the league doesn’t have enough jerseys to list all the black men who will be murdered this year. (Approximately 7,500 black people are murdered each year.) It’s wise to limit the jersey honorees to the 30 or so special victims Twitter has identified and popularized over the last six or seven years. 

The lives of the special victims have more meaning and value than the life of Mehki James, the 3-year-old black boy recently killed in Chicago.

The people currently running football are determined to ruin football. They don’t have the balls to do what’s right, to stand up to the Twitter mob empowering Black Lives Matter, aka, White Perpetrators Matter. 

Over the last 60 years, football and sports have been a force promoting unity across racial, political, religious and economic differences. The games and leagues are now promoting a re-segregation and a toxic polarization.

Football, a game that forbade Tim Tebow from referencing the Bible on his eye black, is now going to play two national anthems in the NFL. Really?  The collegiate Memphis Tigers are planning to place BLM decals on their helmets. Really?

The hypocrisy and cowardice overrunning football are stupefying.

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Written by Jason Whitlock

Jason Whitlock is a longtime sports writer, TV personality, radio host, podcaster and the newest member of the Outkick family.
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  1. Glad to see I’m not the only one that has noticed all these “BLM” rallies are white washes. I haven’t seen this many white people raising a fist in the air since Abercrombie and Fitch expanded their catalog.

  2. A pretend world of the 1 in 50 that use Twitter are destroying our shared American culture. They are ginning up race animosity that hasn’t been prevalent for decades. To what end? I’m feeling like football is far less important to me, my country is in the middle of a drive by shooting.

  3. Thanks for another awesome column. I’m just another ole’ school white guy, but I’m still in disbelief how the 3 year old boy in Chicago isn’t being prioritized in the black and white communities. That’s the real tragedy. I’m from Texas and a lifelong Cowboys fan. I guess I will be missing a lot of kickoffs. NFL no longer has any respect and it’s only going to drive the ” Average fan” away. When the sponsors paying all this money see how much viewing is affected, maybe they will wake up and smell the roses.

  4. Why would anyone pay to watch a 3 hour commercial for reverse racism?

    I’ve been in real estate for over 20 years. Several of my DC area licenses require me to put up with lessons on Fair Housing. Which has almost always implied that I am a racist. I, me and we so-called white people. DC fair housing has a video that must be viewed, that has President Reagan in it. Implying that he, we and I are All racists together. That craziness is only every two years of my my license cycle, so it’s been tolerable.

    Now pro sports, which is where I used to escape craziness, will make me a racist in public at games, if I don’t agree with the NFL or NBA affiliation with anarchists? Reverse racists; or whatever they are called.

    Some very corupt people and faux causes are trying to suck the joy out of this country.


  5. Hey Jason,
    As you’ve said many times, sports used to be a unifying experience. Now it’s a hot mess…soon to be a dumpster fire. Kirk out…beam me up, Scotty. Gonna find another planet where everybody hasn’t gone bat shit.

  6. I wonder if there was a way to have some sort of decal on helmets to represent all the black babies aborted by Planned Parenthood since it’s inception? Better yet, if someone were to take a knee prior to kickoff to bring attention to said abortions? Sure would be a fascinating litmus test for all involved.

  7. NFL = Not For Long….And here I thought that was the reference to players in the league, seems it is also for the League itself.

    I’m not dumb enough to think the NFL is going away, however, I’m hoping their viewership/sales takes a major Spicoli-level hit.

  8. If you work for a corporation, or even for yourself, it is hard to escape the lies and hypocrisy we have to put up with. I’ve never heard the terms “white privilege” or “systemic racism” till this year, and now we have to live with it like it’s a fact, despite the lack of any kind of data. We used to turn to sports for an escape or a distraction, but no longer. It’s fine, there are many great things to read, old (or non Hollywood) movies and shows to watch.

    Keep up the great articles, Jason, and I hope to hear your voice on the podcast.

    Happy 4th, fellow patriots!

  9. This was another great piece. It seems to me that so many of these ideas and plans, are much more divisive than unifying. Why does the NFL, NBA, and so many other organizations seem to be embracing division over unity. The NBA or NFL would NEVER allow their players to take a knee in China for the Chinese National Anthem. And they would never allow a Taiwanese social/political statement to be added to team apparel or the field of play. It seems only in America can you be promoted for despising your country and the life changing opportunity that country has provided you, and type casting it on its past racial inequality. While at the same time benefitting from its racial equality, and atheletic opportunity where in the case of Football at an elite level essentially only exists in the United States of America which so many seemingly despise. Is it too much to expect the product of Sports Leagues to produce sports without a side of Social Issues, Politics, and or pandering?

    • Very good points, Emerson. Take a knee in China? I don’t think so. Tear down the country and the system that gave you generational wealth? Sure…here’s a microphone…crank up the volume.

    • Same here. I’ve “cancelled” the NFL and NBA. It’s been easier than I thought. I’ve started watching UFC and golf with a lot more interest.

  10. Jason you are right on the number again. The NFL should be extremely careful on what there response to the Black Lives Matter movement .Which is a socialist communist organization made up of mainly whites. The NFL needs to realize the twitter mob is made up a vast majority of people that hate football and all it stand for. After all football is America’s game . Football is America . It’s masculinity offends the mob. Goodell better realize this . Black Americans truly care about there own lives in there communities Chicago Baltimore Detroit St Louis Atlanta just to name a few. NFL think take a knee or playing the black notion anthem is going to fix these problems is absurd . I guess the power to be think black people are stupid. There not . Yes what happen in Minneapolis a cop killing a black man as other watch was a tragedy .That cop will be sent to jail for life witch is only right. What happen our city night after night I believe is also a Tragedy . IF the NFL and Plays UNION real won’t to do something that makes a difference make NFL STRONG and more profitable don’t look back at tragedy .With more money NFL and player union can put money into Education Job training Help finance minority lending institution Addiction counseling and put money into the Church in these areas they are back bones of communities and help bring back jobs manufacturing . After all the owners are billionaires they no how to make money work .Let get NLF to help rebuild our Cities.

  11. So refreshing to hear some sanity these days. I wasn’t going to become a VIP but I decided it was a small way for me to make a contribution to a company that is fighting the wokeness! Very excited Jason Whitlock is part of the team now.

  12. There killing the Golden Goose. Wait until Money for sports as we know it today stops flowing in. They insult our intelligence, but want our money. Let’s pay to be ridiculed.
    Canceling season tickets and won’t be watching.

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