NFL Draft Prospect Gains 10 Pounds During Dominant Performance At All-You-Can-Eat Offensive Line Buffet

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As the NFL Draft quickly approaches, Old Dominion offensive lineman Nick Saldiveri is out to prove that no competition is too tall for him to conquer. He crushed opponents on the field during his four seasons with the Monarchs and brought that dominance to the all-you-can-eat buffet.

Being an NFL offensive lineman is no small task. Emphasis on small.

In addition to the work in the weight room, they have to eat. A lot.

At their size, daily caloric intake for an offensive lineman can hover anywhere from 3,500 to 6,000 (or more) calories based on individual needs and goals. And when their careers come to an end, the weight transformations are often staggering.

Needless to say, offensive linemen can put back some grub. Saldiveri is the most recent example.

He, Northwestern’s Peter Skoronski, TCU’s Steve Avila, Maryland’s Jaelyn Duncan and Michigan’s Olu Oluwatimi are all set to hear their names called in this month’s NFL Draft. They recently got together for a competition of stomachs.

The goal was simple— eat the most food at the all-you-can-eat buffet.

The five big uglies, as offensive linemen are lovingly known, went to work. Except for Avila, who failed to put on a single pound.

Nick Saldiveri, ODU317.4 lbs326.9 lbs+9.5 lbs
Peter Skoronski, Northwestern317.2 lbs323.9 lbs+6.7 lbs
Jaelyn Duncan, Maryland313.9 lbs319.9 lbs+ 6.0 lbs
Olu Oluwatimi, Michigan313 lbs318 lbs+5.0 lbs
Steve Avila, TCU339 lbs339 lbs+/- 0 lbs

Here is how it all went down:

How Avila did not gain a single pound is not entirely clear. How is that possible?

To make it even crazier, Avila actually weighed less the next day. What?!

Saldiveri has that dog in him. He wasn’t going to lose at the buffet.

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