NFL Confirms Zero New Positive Covid Tests Among Players

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The NFL today confirmed what was already known: no players had a positive Covid test coming out of Week 1.

For most people that “news” is obvious. If a player had tested positive after the first game it would have been announced prior to any games being played in Week 2 and they would have been held out of action. Reporting something like this multiple days after the fact seems pretty odd, but hey… 2020!

A positive test would have made Adam Schefter and the other CoronaBros happier — and gave him something to actually report on — but that is neither here nor there.

Here is the official statement from the league:

The National Football League and NFL Players Association today announced the COVID-19 monitoring testing results for September 13 – September 19.

During this period, players and Tier 1 and 2 personnel were tested daily. Tier 3 individuals were tested weekly. Individuals who test positive for COVID-19 follow the joint NFL-NFLPA Treatment Protocol. They are immediately isolated, not permitted access club facilities, or have direct contact with players or personnel. Club medical staff are in regular communication with individuals who test positive to monitor symptoms.

Monitoring Testing results for September 13 – September 19:   

  • 36,664 tests were administered to a total of 7,845 players and team personnel.
  • 14,074 tests were administered to 2,438 players; 22,590 tests were administered to 5,407 personnel.
  • There were zero confirmed positive tests among players and five new confirmed positives among other personnel. 

Timely reporting like this from the league leaves us anxiously awaiting to find out if players were healthy for Week 3 after the games were played.

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