NFL Confidence Pool: Boys on the Bayou Atop Week 1 Chart

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Confidence pools have grown increasingly popular in the NFL, and towards that end we are giving Outkick readers our most confident straight up pick (16) all the way to our least confident (1). No spreads involved, but that doesn’t mean we can’t reveal what the oddsmakers are dealing.

16. (Confidence rating) Saints — Bucs at Saints (-9½): No Jameis Winston for the Bucs, which means the immortal Ryan Fitzpatrick will try to get this Bucs’ offense to plunder ‘Nawlins. Add to this, the absence of his starting left tackle Donovan Smith and Fitzpatrick will see more time on his back than a Vegas call girl. Saints roll.

15. Ravens — Bills at Ravens (-7½): A quick check over at Sportsbook Review, the sports betting industry’s bible, tells us that all of the best online sportsbooks have moved this game from Ravens-3 to anywhere between -7 to -8½, which is due to the Buffalo brain trust starting second-year man Nate Peterman under center, and he owns a grand total of four NFL appearances under his belt, culminating in two touchdown passes and five interceptions. Need we say more?

14. Lions — Jets at Lions (-6½): Sam Darnold, the Jets’ No. 3 overall pick in the draft, is a 21-year-old quarterback about to get a baptism by fire. Only four other 21-year-old QBs have started in Week 1 and they all have one thing in common – they lost badly.

13. Packers — Bears at Packers (-7½): The word on the street is that the Bears will be much more potent this season, and with the addition of Khalil Mack some are predicting a division title in their future. Simmer down fanboys, Aaron Rodgers is still the king of the frozen tundra and until Chicago starts – ya know, winning – we’re backin’ the Pack.

12. Patriots — Texans at Patriots (-6½): Although it’s fashionable to hate the Patriots, it’s not necessarily a wise move to back all that hate, rage, and jealousy with your cold hard American greenbacks. Despite a dearth of quality wideouts, Tom Terrific still has Gronkowski and multidimensional threats in the backfield.

11. Titans — Titans (-1) at Dolphins: Tennessee opens in sunny Miami, but the last time we checked the Titans actually made the playoffs while the Fish were sinking near the depths of the AFC East. So who do you like, the eggshell fragile Ryan Tannehill or Marcus Mariota? The choice is clear, go Titans!

10. Vikings — 49ers at Vikings (-6½): Everyone is gaga over San Francisco’s Sweet Jimmy G, the heir apparent to Joe Montana and Steve Young. Well, the Niners are better with him than without him but the Teflon he has worn in his brief tenure will be torn to shreds once the Vikings defense gets a hold of the golden boy.

9. Rams — Rams (-4) at Raiders: We’re not saying that Oakland has already mailed it in and are in the rebuilding stage with the trade of Khalil Mack but – well – that’s exactly what we’re saying.

8. Jaguars — Jaguars (-3) at Giants: Didn’t the Jags almost get to the Super Bowl last year or are we mistaking them for another team from Jacksonville? Of course, the Giants have Saquon Barkley so they still lose, just not by as much.

7. Seahawks — Seahawks (-2 ½) at Broncos: Before last season, Case Keenum was the quintessential journeyman quarterback but after a surprisingly good season with Minnesota in 2017 he took the money and ran to Mile High. We can’t make a case for Case quite yet.

6. Chiefs –Chiefs (+3) at Chargers: Kansas City has won the last eight, count’em, eight meetings between these clubs and although the jury is still out on Chiefs second-year QB Patrick Mahomes, we know this – he’s got a cannon, can move, and KC thought highly enough of him to trade Alex Smith. Good enough for us.

5. Colts — Bengals at Colts (-3): Vontaze Burfict is the straw that stirs the drink for the Bengals defense and he’s suspended the first four games. Andrew Luck will be the beneficiary of his absence and should pick apart a susceptible Cats pass defense.

4. Falcons — Falcons (+2) at Eagles: Nick Foles scares us and he should scare you as well. We’re siding with Matt Ryan and the Dirty Birds to pull a mild upset Thursday on what could be a Super Bowl hangover for Philly.

3. Panthers — Cowboys at Panthers (-3): Cam Newton has something to prove and we believe that his Superman cape will be dusted off and ready to be adorned on the man who once wore it.

2. Cardinals — Redskins at Cardinals (Pick): Cardinals play in hot weather, this game is in the desert (albeit in a dome), deserts are hot, Cardinals win. That’s all we’ve got.

1. Browns — Browns (+4) at Steelers: Sportsbook Review is showing that the best online sportsbooks have the Steelers down from -7 to -4 which means the money is flowing hard and fast on Cleveland. We are going to prove we are one of the sharps and back this beleaguered franchise as they usher in the Baker Mayfield era at home — although Mayfield won’t see the field unless Tyrod Taylor gets injured.

Written by SportsBook Review