Ranking 3 NFL Coaching Openings

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Finally, the Lions joined the Texans and Falcons by firing their putrid head coach, Matt Patricia. 

We ranked the current openings before the Jets make their move (if they ever do): 

3. Atlanta Falcons

Atlanta is closer to rebuild mode than Super Bowl contender. The defense isn’t close and a new coach isn’t fixing it in a season. At 35, Matt Ryan probably prefers to play elsewhere in 2021.

If the front office provides patience, though, an up-and-coming coach could find their way in Atlanta.

The NFC South is going to be very winnable over the next two seasons. Tom Brady is getting older and worse by the week. Drew Brees broke a ton of ribs and might retire. Carolina isn’t blowing anyone away, either.

Right now, Atlanta has the 7th pick in the draft. The Falcons should draft a young QB for their next head coach. 

2. Detroit Lions

The talent is there; see the late-game leads. The franchise has also been haunted since birth; see the blown leads.

Matt Stafford, Jeff Okudah, D’Andre Swift, and Kenny Golladay are appealing. At 4-7, Detroit should again draft in the top 10 to bolster an area of need. With Aaron Rodgers’ future in Green Bay unknown, in two seasons, Detroit may have the best QB in the NFC North.

The Lions owe it to Stafford to find him a competent coach. If they can’t — trade him.

1. Houston Texans

Bill O’Brien left Houston a mess, trading away all valuable draft capital and getting a bag of cookies back for DeAndre Hopkins. So why are they No. 1? 

Easy, Deshaun Watson.

When the QB is right, the rest of the team just has to be okay. Matt Ryan and Matt Stafford are quality QBs; Watson is special. Looking ahead, perhaps only Kansas City is better off at the position.

Pair Watson with Eric Bieniemy, a presumed top candidate, and Houston is again a threat. Once the Colts gave Andrew Luck Frank Reich, to the playoffs they went. Expect Houston to do the same if the hire isn’t botched.

Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack covers media, politics, and sports at OutKick.


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  1. I think Eric Bieniemy to Atlanta makes sense for both him and for the organization. Detroit, if they get a good GM this job is place holder for the next coach, with a rebuilt roster and 1st round qb phenom in 23 or 24. Texans really need a good fit with the QB to get to the next level.

    Now for the actual interesting questions: Does Tampa meet with Brady after the season and reevaluate their coaching situation? Which retread will the Chargers choose to replace Anthony Lynn in their pursuit of failure. Which coach is willing to take a pay check to lose with the Jets for the next 3 years before disappearing into the ether or Chargers head coaching job in 2023?

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