Neymar Reportedly Cancels NYE Party With Instagram Models, Including Tate Martell’s Ex, After COVID Investigation

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Brazilian soccer superstar Neymar is allegedly under investigation by Brazilian prosecutors for importing Instagram models from around the world for a New Year’s Eve party. The allegation is that Neymar is having a five-day blowout extravaganza featuring Instagram models at a rented mansion near his home at a resort in Mangaratiba, Brazil.

One of those Instagram models who was allegedly imported by Neymar’s crew is none other than Brazilian Kiki Passo, who lives in Miami and famously dated then-Miami Hurricanes quarterback Tate Martell before he flamed out with the team. She’s now a free agent and, if these reports out of Brazil are true, has moved up the athlete ladder, to say the least.

It’s quite a jump going from dating a quarterback who has flamed out of two college football programs to (allegedly) being invited to party with one of the world’s most famous soccer players.

Why the investigation by Brazilian investigators? COVID. Pandemic safety measures. The Daily Mail is reporting Neymar pulled the plug on the party due to backlash. The party was supposed to have 500 attendees. Keep in mind, the cancellation notice could be a smokescreen to throw off the media and the citizens who have complained to Brazilian authorities.

“Overnight Neymar’s lawyers insisted the footballer had nothing to do with the Agencia Fabrica party and said he would be spending New Year’s Eve with his family and physiotherapist in southern Brazil as he recovers from an ankle injury sustained earlier this month,” according to the Daily Mail.

Brazilian newspapers report the main party was supposed to take place in an empty hangar or an underground disco Neymar had built.

Let’s cut to the chase here. Neymar isn’t putting those Instagram models back on planes 12 hours before the ball drops. Trust me here. He already went through the process of importing the models. They’re staying, at least through tonight. The big mistake here is allowing cellphones. He should have treated this like Joe Rogan treats his comedy shows. Neymar’s people should have locked up the IG model phones the minute they got off the chartered flights. Get caught sending out illegal content, and you’re sent home and blacklisted around the world. No questions asked.

Instead, Neymar now has to pretend he’s canceling his NYE party and catching all sorts of heat for the bash. These models just don’t get how big of a star they’re dealing with here. This isn’t Tate Martell, ladies.

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