New Zealand Bar Catches Heat For Posting ‘Sexist’ Job Ad Seeking Waitstaff With ‘Double Ds’

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A bar in New Zealand posted a “sexist” job ad that is seeking part-time staff that must have “double D breasts” and “a great smile.”

The ad, which appeared in the window of Stumpers Bar & Cafe in Hokitika, was shared on Twitter. It started out innocent enough, “WANTED: Part-Time Bar Staff Apply With-In-.”

Then came the controversial part, “Must have Double D Breasts, A Great Smile & A Good Attitude, But Men Can Also Apply!!!”

There’s only one way to take an advertisement like this. It’s completely serious and everyone should lose their minds attacking it.

I’m kidding. There’s no doubt to me that this advertisement was a joke. The bar attempted to get attention for a job opening.

Is it a good joke or even a funny joke? That’s up for debate. What’s not up for debate is that the ad got plenty of attention, although probably not the kind of attention the bar was hoping for.

If you haven’t learned by now, there’s no room for jokes

Twitter wasn’t as convinced as I am that it was just a joke. One person responded to the picture, “I’d rather gouge my own eyes out with a rusty spoon than work anywhere that has an ad like that.”

“Not only illegal but a clear indication you will be harassed daily,” someone else responded.

Another respondent connected the ad to groping, “I will assume that ‘good attitude’ means willing to use great smile at all times in response to sexist comments and general groping.”

The Westland deputy mayor David Carruthers and the Human Rights Commission in New Zealand weighed in on the ad.

Carruthers said of the ad, “What are they thinking? I am certainly prepared to say that sort of advertising is disappointing and inappropriate.”

A spokesperson for Human Rights Commission wouldn’t comment specifically, but said, “Employers can’t prefer a specific gender to fill a position unless the employer can prove that gender is a genuine occupational qualification.”

Bottom line, be careful with job ads. I’m pretty sure that’s the lesson to be learned here.

Written by Sean Joseph

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