New York Yankees Pitcher Hit By Line Drive: VIDEO

New York Yankees pitcher Anthony Misiewicz was hit in the head by a hard hit line drive Friday night at PNC Park in Pittsburgh.

Misiewicz, a 28-year-old reliever, was pitching in the bottom of the 6th inning, facing Pirates hitter Ji Hwan Bae, and threw a breaking ball in the zone. Bae crushed a 100.6mph line drive, directly back at the box.

Initially, Misiewicz seemed to attempt to make a play on the ball, raising his glove. But the ball hit him squarely in the side of the head, in a terrifying scene. The impact was so severe, the ball ricocheted all the way into the middle of right field.

Trainers from both teams rushed out to the mound, with Yankees' outfield Aaron Judge coming in from his position to check on him.

Misiewicz thankfully was eventually able to get up under his own power, before being carted off the field.

Scary Moments For Yankees' Reliever

The Yankees announced that Misiewicz was alert and aware of his surroundings after the game. He was taken to a local hospital for further testing, although as of late Friday evening, there were no updates on his condition or prognosis.

It's the latest in a series of impactful injuries for the Yankees, closing out a disappointing 2023 season.


Hopefully Misiewicz is able to fully recover and get back on the field soon.

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