New York Times Suggests New American Flag Redesigns

“Today, flying the American flag from the back of a pickup truck or over a lawn is increasingly seen as a clue, albeit an imperfect one, to a person’s political affiliation in a deeply divided nation.”

Who said that? The New York Times, who else?

Writers at The Times are fed up with the divisiveness of our nation’s flag and published an op-ed suggesting several redesigns. It’s good to have at least one outlet covering the stories Americans need to read.

Let’s look at what The Times‘ team recommends:

Why stick with red, white, and blue when you can promote taking care of the planet with a lime green box?

Next up:

What exactly would that flag accomplish? Please, don’t ask. It represents a better America, according to this person.

The US already has two national anthems. So why not two flags? Some guy at The Times suggests a ”Lift Every Voice and Sing” flag is the missing sauce.

The Left is going to bring us together by dividing us. A wizard-like plan.

Weird. The Left told me before that white is a bad color. Now they want a white American flag.

Before we go, I want to show you something offensive, dividing, political, and even archaic:

(Photo by Alfred Gescheidt/Getty Images)

These New York Times writers are sick.

Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack covers media, politics, and sports at OutKick.


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  1. Weird. The Left told me before that white is a bad color. Now they want a white American flag.

    Actually NO ONE EVER SAID THAT but I find it funny that you believe the American Flag is a WHITE FLAG. Since when? America nor its flag is a white thing. It’s WE THE PEOPLE not white people. WE…. Lmbao at conservativesin a dailybasis…Are you serious dude? AMW and fragile is not a good look son. #MagaVictims

    • Can you even read on a 3rd grade level? The part of the article you quoted was in reaction to the picture above that has a white flag with white stars. I laugh at you and your stupidity daily. 3…2…1. but but but I went to an HBCU will be your next retort. Lame just like you.

      • Going to a HBCU is nothing to brag about. Their only requirement is to be of low IQ, read at a 3rd grade level and not know what the term mathematics means. And the government (us taxpayers) will foot the tuition/ room and board.

  2. We’ll see if the spineless Republicans will oppose anything. McConnell and a bunch of other gots to go. Lindsay Graham is now saying they blinked and voted for the debt ceiling extension. Blinked? Are you fucking kidding me? The go along crowd doesn’t want their swamp disrupted.

  3. This is what happens in an echo chamber of ideas. They continually get more and more extremist and even more idiotic. The difference here is, for the left, its right out in the open. Their echo chamber is the mainstream media, along with social media. But, be honest, they no longer care about being fair about or speaking to everyone. They are concerned about what is becoming a more and more narrow niche in order to maintain at least some small degree of relevance to someone. In my schema, they are no longer present.

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