New York Times Buries Piece About Joe Biden’s Seventh Grandchild, Biden Family’s Negligence, On Fourth of July Weekend

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Joe Biden, Hunter Biden and the Biden family deliberately ignore a four-year-old girl named Navy Joan Roberts.

Navy is the daughter of Hunter, a precious girl he had with a stripper named Lunden Roberts in 2018, now situated in Arkansas.

Since little Navy remains a dark secret to the Bidens, the mainstream media stays hushed on her existence.

That is until the Fourth of July when the so-called investigative team at The New York Times buried a piece on the existence of Navy and the legal battles that the Bidens have put up to keep her in the dark.

The new report from the Times — released over the weekend — took the cowardice of the Biden family and shaped it into a ballad of regret for a family that lacks heart.


Would the press be this forgiving about a blood relative kept in secrecy if it were, say, President Trump’s? Don’t bet on it.

“[T]hen there is President Biden,” The Gray Lady reported. “His public image is centered around his devotion to his family — including to Hunter, his only surviving son. In strategy meetings in recent years, aides have been told that the Bidens have six, not seven, grandchildren, according to two people familiar with the discussions.

“The White House did not respond to questions about the case, in keeping with how officials have answered questions about the Biden family before.”

Rather than condemn the damage that the Bidens are setting up for little Navy, the Times criticized conservative media outlets and all news mediums alike that have called out the Bidens’ negligence.

The report highlighted an upcoming trial regarding Hunter’s child support payments to Navy and Lunden Roberts. The Bidens have previously requested that the payments be dramatically lowered from $20,000 a month to $5,000.

Reporters at the New York Times see this legal battle as nothing more than a talking point for conservative media instead of an intentional cold shoulder for poor Navy.

“Though a trial planned for mid-July has been averted, people on both sides fear that the political toxicity surrounding the case will remain,” the report added. “Already, it has been extensively covered in conservative media, from Breitbart to Fox News, and conservative commentators assailed the Biden family after news of the settlement.

“Both Hunter Biden, the privileged and troubled son of a president, and Ms. Roberts, the daughter of a rural gun maker, have allies whose actions have made the situation more politicized. There is no evidence the White House is involved in those actions.”

Joe, Hunter and the rest of the Biden family have never met this girl. Have they lacked opportunity, as the First family of the United States? Of course not.

For the past four years, President Joe Biden has stated that he is the grandfather to six children, though it’s actually seven.

This year, speaking to the LSU women’s basketball team, Joe Biden heralded the Lady Tigers’ accomplishment and hoped it would be an inspiration to the “four granddaughters” he has.

That’d be touching, if the actual number wasn’t five.

Biden has deliberately denied her existence — an act that will surely have ramifications for the rest of her life.

Is the Biden family concerned with the long-term damage? No, because the Bidens have proven that they remain a corrupt group of politicians willing to damage anything in their path as long as it entails power, money and other ephemeral goods.

Navy Joan Roberts [Biden] is just another PR nightmare dodged by the Bidens.

But to the rest of the country, Navy is a little girl deserving of a fulfilling life.

If you weren’t convinced of the major disconnect between Biden’s dark secrets and the American people, let it sink in today….of all days.

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Written by Alejandro Avila

Alejandro Avila lives in Southern California and previously covered news for the LA Football Network. Jeopardy expert and grumpy sports fan that has watched every movie.


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