New York Man Sues Taco Bell Because Products Don’t Look Like The Pictures

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We’ve all been there.

It’s 2 a.m. You’re drunk. You haven’t eaten since before you left for the bar seven hours ago. And you ask your Uber driver to stop at Taco Bell.

At this particular moment in time, nothing in the world tastes better than a Crunchwrap Supreme.

But your drunk ass is not living in reality. And neither is Taco Bell marketing.

Man Sues Taco Bell Because Products Don't Look Like The Pictures

Thus, a man has sued the fast food chain for false advertising.

He says the restaurant is deceiving consumers by falsely advertising its Mexican Pizza, Veggie Mexican Pizza, Crunchwrap Supreme, Grande Crunchwrap and Vegan Crunchwrap as containing “at least double” their actual content.

Taco Bell Faces False Advertising Claims

After Frank Siragusa was not happy with the Mexican Pizza he bought for $5.49 in New York City last September, he sought legal action.

Taco Bell ads are “unfair and financially damaging to consumers,” the complaint said.

And in Joe Biden’s America, that’s simply unacceptable!

It’s “especially concerning now that inflation, food, and meat prices are very high and many consumers, especially lower income consumers, are struggling financially,” read Siragusa’s grievances.

Man Sues Taco Bell Because Products Don't Look Like The Pictures
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Siragusa’s legal team is pursuing a class action suit. And all people who purchased one of the allegedly impacted products at a New York Taco Bell on or after July 31, 2020, are eligible to participate.

“Taco Bell advertises larger portions of food to steer consumers to their restaurants for their meals and away from competitors that more fairly advertise the size of their menu items, unfairly diverting millions of dollars in sales that would have gone to competitors,” Siragusa’s team wrote.

Last year, one of these same lawyers filed a still-pending suit against McDonald’s and Wendy’s over the size of their burgers. Siragusa’s other lawyer sued Burger King for a similar issue, but that went to mediation and wasn’t resolved, Reuters reported.

But don’t think of it as a money grab. Think of it as holding corporate giants accountable!

Because imagine if they succeed.

Middle-of-the-night drunk you will be so happy.

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