New York Jets Post Hype Video, Get Roasted Since Featured Game Had Them Beating Skylar Thompson In 1st Career Game

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The NFL schedule is slowly leaking out with a full reveal set for Thursday night. Teams are blasting posts out on social media, hyping up fans for the upcoming season. On Wednesday, the league revealed that the New York Jets and Miami Dolphins face each other on Black Friday at MetLife Stadium.

For the league, it’s their first Black Friday game in what is likely to be an annual tradition. To get fans excited for the matchup, the Jets posted a video on social media. Unfortunately, it did not go over as planned.

The problem fans had with the video? The Jets beat Dolphins third-string quarterback Skylar Thompson, who made his NFL debut. Not only that, but Thompson didn’t even start the game. With starting quarterback Tua Tagovailoa out, Teddy Bridgewater started for Miami.

Unfortunately, Bridgewater suffered an injury on the very first series. Thompson replaced him, coming in cold off the bench with no prep time.

The Jets won the game, 40-17. However, the game was closer than that. Miami trailed 19-17 entering the fourth quarter.

Quinnen Williams and John Franklin-Myers of the New York Jets sack Skylar Thompson of the Miami Dolphins.
Quinnen Williams and John Franklin-Myers of the New York Jets sack Skylar Thompson of the Miami Dolphins. (Photo by Edward Diller/Getty Images)

Fans took note of the New York Jets flexing this victory and let them have it

That last tweet is 100% correct. The Jets beat Skylar Thompson and the Dolphins in Week 5, but lost to them in Week 17, 11-6.

That last game featured zero touchdowns by either team. It was a gross game, really.

But the point remains. Bragging about beating a third-string rookie seventh-round pick who was thrust into action is not exactly “post a hype video” worthy.

But, hey, it’s the New York Jets.

What do you expect?

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