New York City To Pay $6 Million To George Floyd Protesters For Being ‘Confined’

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New York City plans to pay $21,500 each to former George Floyd protesters who were confined by NYPD officers on June 4, 2020.

So-called protesters filed a class-action suit in a Manhattan federal court claiming the police unlawfully “kettled” them in Mott Haven, where they took to the streets in the name of Floyd.

The city expects Judge Colleen McMahon to sign off on the proposed agreement. The final signature would send payouts to more than 300 recipients, costing a total of $6 million.

$21,000 to be a professional agitator. Good work if you can get it.


New York City had imposed an 8 p.m. curfew prior to the June 4 protest, which took place at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic. Thereby police confined the protesters who violated said restriction until about 10 minutes after curfew.

Officers then charged at and arrested the demonstrators. 

The lawsuit claims the NYPD cuffed the protesters with zip ties and battered them with batons. However, the suit does not address the protester’s behavior on that night.

And as evidenced by the burning of cities, nationwide death totals, and wreckage of U.S. cities — George Floyd demonstrates were hardly peaceful “protesters.”

“Peaceful” protesters.


BLM wreaked havoc across the nation on the idea Derek Chauvin killed Floyd on the basis of race, a hypothesis neither BLM nor the press ever proved.

Bobby Burack column: The demand for a fear of white supremacy.

Not-so-peaceful protests put police in damning positions. Society vilified The Blue as the thugs destroyed cities, buildings, businesses and property.

By and large, police responded appropriately. The best they could.

Then-Mayor Bill de Blasio defended the NYPD’s de-escalation tactics at the time. He did, however, condemn arresting legal observers. 

But it now appears those “protesters” will cash out for their efforts

New York City is set to make a statement, a concession to lawlessness. That anarchy pays in New York.

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