New York Bail Reform Laws Lead To Brazen Criminality In Once-Great City

A mentally ill New York City woman, who pushed another woman into an oncoming subway train this week, was released from jail two months prior under the city’s weak bail reform laws.

Anthonia Egegbara, 29, a diagnosed schizophrenic with a history of violence, walked free without bail after assault and harassment charges in July, thanks to new progressive laws meant to shrink the prison system by stripping power from judges. Egegbara’s latest assault comes with a second-degree murder charge, so she won’t be able to walk away without punishment this time.

Egegbara’s subway victim, 42-year-old Lenny Javier, could have easily fallen to her death during the incident, but managed to bounce off the side of the incoming car.

“My face is swollen, I have a broken nose, a fractured chin,” Javier told local reporters. “Someone needs to take responsibility for this because it can’t be happening.”

The entire situation brings to the forefront the growing debate between the effectiveness of the prison system and the need for more mental health options. More specifically, though, it proves that justice reform can’t mean preventing police and judges from doing their jobs.

This case, just one of thousands that NYPD and the justice system deal with daily, feels hopeless and messy: Egegbara’s family says that she has been in and out of the legal system her entire life, and needs to be professionally institutionalized. The liberal state, of course, pressured by emotionally-addicted constituents and their political overlords, opt for the general amnesty of criminals (releasing them into the wild) instead of rolling up their sleeves and improving either the prison or mental health options.

It’s liberalism personified: both systems get worse over time, victims continue to mount (both the assault victims and the assailants who need professional help), and the leftist state pats itself on the back for a splashy reformation headline. Ignorant local citizens think they’re part of the solution for siding with the criminals, who, according to them, didn’t get a fair shake in life, all the while nothing improves for said criminals, and of course crime steadily rises. But hey, they all did what feels good, which is finding a victim and assigning blame, instead of holding the criminal accountable and looking for solutions that may actually improve the criminal’s future.

It’s a completely upside-down approach to basic governance that has poisoned America’s once-great cities and left them bastions of criminality, corruption, and stupidity. And yet, half of the country clamors for more, as if year after year of deterioration were just indications of the need for even more liberalism. So tell me, if half the country personifies the definition of insanity (doing the same thing again and again but expecting a different result), and that insanity is leading to a rise in crime, what is the difference between these liberal saviors and the mentally ill criminals whom they claim to champion?

Written by TK Sanders


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